Remember water slides? Remember riding them all day at the water park, having the time of your life slipping and sliding around until you landed in a pool of water?

Well, I like my water slides how I like my sex: thrilling, adventurous, and wet.

Who ever wanted a dry water slide? And who ever wanted dry sex? *cringe*

If you’re not treating your sex life like a day at the water park, then you need an all-access pass into the wonderful world of lube.


While many women are looking for a sex lube to help out with issues of dryness or reduce friction, others simply introduce it into their sex lives for a new sensation.

Making sure you’re actually having the incredible sex your body deserves is Priority #1. World-renowned Sex Therapist Dr. Holly Richmond knows all the good that lubricant can do: “For a lot of women, if they’re not using lube, it’s not pleasurable. So you can’t really call that good sex.” 

Lube makes sexual intercourse easier and feel way better; in short, lube is the quickest and easiest way to take your sex life from average to mind-blowing.


If you’ve ever had issues with your vagina not lubricating as well as it should, you’re not alone! 17% of women between the ages of 18-50 have experienced vaginal dryness during sex, so this is not at all an uncommon problem, and there are several possible factors why:

  • The Pill: The same scientific breakthrough that holds the key for many women to sexual liberation comes with some side effects. Birth control pills reduce the body’s production of testosterone, a key component of natural lubrication in the vagina.
  • Childbirth: Newsflash that should surprise absolutely no one - your body works differently after you give birth. Dryness is a common postpartum issue, but one that some quick lube can easily fix.
  • Diabetes: Vaginal dryness is a common side effect of female diabetics. Many women who experience this will often avoid sex altogether, not knowing there are solutions that can fix the issue.
  • Smoking: This habit decreases estrogen levels while putting you at an increased risk of vaginal atrophy, a condition leading to inflammation, dryness, and thinning of the vaginal walls.
  • Cancer Treatments: Both presently receiving treatment or being a survivor will come with issues of dryness. In the face of such incredible tragedy, personal lubricant can help you feel like you again.
  • Stress: Stress also stands in the way of the best method to relieve it. General anxiety about what’s going on in your life can make the vagina’s job of self-lubrication more difficult. Adding some lubricant to the mix takes your mind off this worry, and lets you focus on you.


Like we just said, using sexual lube lets you feel less anxious about how wet you’re getting down there, which is just right for trying new things!

New sex positions are tantalizing and often pretty naughty, but we all have different tastes and might not like something we decided to let have a shot.

But with lubricant, it’s never going to be due to being too dry, so it’s the perfect way to judge all positions equally. Butt stuff may not be that out of reach with a bit of anal lube.

Some of the best sexual positions to try with lubricant include (but are certainly not limited to):

  • Anal: Huge surprise, but the butt does not lubricate itself. Whether you’re a back-door expert or are a little shy and doing a little poking around and seeing what you can find, making sure the whole shebang is equally extraordinary for the both of you is a must (and there’s no better anal sex lube than Wet’s Uranus™ Silicone Anal Lubricant™).
  • The Standing Wheelbarrow: There are some positions where most of your focus and energy will actually be spent not on your vagina but say, trying to make sure you just don’t don’t fall on your face. They’re more difficult, but not impossible, so use any type of lubricant (maybe not coconut oil) and never have a second thought about whether or not you’re wet enough.
  • Bend Over Bathtub: I’ll never understand how more water actually makes you feel dryer, but I’m done trying to. I just know that using silicone lube in the shower gives you that sexy slippery feeling you’d expect (pro tip: use silicone based lube, as it doesn’t wash away as easily as water based lube, keep that sensitive skin friction free.



 There’s a lot we’re proud of at Wet, but one of our favorite accomplishments is making flavored lubricants that actually taste really freaking good.

Flavored lubes are a super easy way to spice up your sex life without even doing all that much. And unlike other companies, all of Wet’s flavored lubricants are made with no sugar, taste like they’re supposed to, and are delicious.

Whether you’re feeling a little fruity, sweet, or want to try something really different, Wet’s got you covered.


Same logic about feeling wet during sexual activity applies to condoms, because why just stop at the penis? Lube up a man wearing a condom just the same as if he wasn’t - protected sex doesn’t have to be dry or boring sex!

Or use it for some enhanced “Me Time” by lubing up your toys for an even better “Me time.” You did good making an effort to give yourself some self love, so why not make it the best it can be?

Now this is important: not all lubes can be used with all sexual products or purposes. For starters, oil based lubricants will degrade a latex condom, and boy you will get screwed in more ways than one!

Regarding sex toys, most are made of silicone, which should never be used with similarly silicone based lubricants, as the friction between the two will harden the slippery lubricant, and do damage to your toys’ surface. Instead, experts recommend using water based personal lubricants with silicone toys for maximum safety and pleasure.


If you’re ready to Get Wet™ but aren’t sure what lubricants are best for you, we recommend you start with Wet’s extensive industry-leading line of lubricants. Shop online here!

April 20, 2022