No if’s, and’s or but’s about it — lube makes sex feel so much better. Every part of you is supercharged with kinetic sensations, making an already euphoric act even more electrifying experience.  However, if you end up choosing the wrong lube tube for you and your partner's sensitive skin down there and physical needs, you won't be able to enjoy the product to its full potential.

That’s no bueno.But don't get discouraged: This is a problem that's very easy to correct! It may be time to try a hybrid type of lubricant. You just may find that it’s exactly what you need to truly amp up your sex life. Wait, what!? Hybrid lube?Yes, my dear, and it's a game changer.

Allow me to introduce you to Wet® Gold Hybrid™, a new, premium personal lubricant that is both a waster based lubricant and silicone based lube blend.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, imagine this, Wet®Platinum® and Wet® Original Waterbased™ had a wild night, they peeled each other’s labels off, things got hot and heavy, they forgot to use a condom (naughty-naughty) and BAM! Next thing yah know…a star is born. Yep, that’s kinda what it’s like.


As its name suggests, a "hybrid" lubricant, like Wet® Gold Hybrid™, combines the best features of water-based lube with those of silicone. Just like any other lube with H₂O as its primary ingredient, it is light yet viscous and therefore very easy to apply.

But since it is made with the highest-quality silicones, including dimethicone and cyclopentasiloxane, Wet® Gold Hybrid™ will last far longer than a lube made primarily with water. 

This means that hybrid lubes would be ideal for your more adventurous sexual activities: butt stuff or any anal play, doing it in the shower, pool or hot tub, or simply going for hours on end with few (if any) breaks. But when you finally are all done, washing off the substance is easy-peasy — it won't be sticky or potentially leave residue on your nether regions the way some pure silicone lubes can. 

So, in short, it’s like getting all the benefits of both water based lubricant and silicone based lubricant (this would include most anal sex lube) and almost none of the drawbacks in one miraculous bottle. 


Of course you do!

Using lube doesn’t mean anything is wrong with your sex life. It just means you like amazing sex!Water slides are fun, right? But how much fun are they when you take away the water? Not fun at all unless you fancy concrete burns on your bum—um, no thank you.  

Having sex without lube is kind of the same thing, sometimes natural lubricant just isn’t enough to keep you slipping and sliding with ease for as long as you would like. Things below start getting more dry, the friction builds up and before you know it, your naughty bits feel like your bum would on that dry water slide.


Not only does it prevent and reduce friction, anal lube or like were focusing on hybrid based personal lubricant enhances your every sensation and takes your pleasure to all new heights.

So, do you really need lube?
Let’s find out...Do you want deeper penetration?
Do you want to be able to keep going for longer?
Do love mind blowing orgasms?
Do you have sex?

If you said “yes” to even one of those, the answer is “Ohh yess”, you do really need lube.


Point blank, you just should.

But if you aren’t convinced yet, knowing what lube not to use is definitely a good place to start.
Let’s say your current lube is water-based, maybe it dries too quickly and soon becomes a pain in the... crotch (literally), you might want to switch to a quick lube fix that's made with quality silicone.

(Just to get it out of the way: One alternative you absolutely should not pivot to, is switching whatever your original lube was, is oil-based lube. We've pointed out the shortcomings of this lube variety before, but they're big enough that it bears repeating. The biggest problem is the damage they do to latex condoms, but oil lubes also pose a variety of infection risks for women and can seriously stain sheets, comforters, floors, clothes and other surfaces.)

On the other end of the spectrum, maybe you are annoyed by the fact that silicone lubricant is harder to wash off — or that it can't be used safely alongside silicone sex toys — should probably go with a lube made with a water-base.But what if you can't decide between those two lube types because you're torn by the balance of their pros and cons? You need something that walks the line between the two, guess what that means?

If you've never been able to settle on a water-based or silicone lubricant before you should give Wet® Gold Hybrid™ a try to enjoy the best of both worlds.

April 08, 2022