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Why do people use Wet® products?

Wet products are formulated to enhance your personal pleasure and comfort. Wet products help reduce the friction associated with intercourse, thus enhancing the pleasure. 

What makes Wet® better than other brands?

All Wet products are manufactured to the highest quality standards. Wet formulas last longer than other leading brands for maximum value and endless pleasure!

Do Wet® products contain Nonoxynol 9?

Wet was the first manufacturer to remove Nonoxynol-9 from all of its products, based on recommendations from the CDC. 

Which products may be used for intercourse?

All Wet lubricants can be used during intercourse. We always recommend reading the labels for each product to ensure type of condom compatibility, and it is always a good idea to patch test on small areas any formulas you haven't used before, as everyone is different.

Can Wet® products ease the discomfort of personal dryness?

Yes, Wet products may be used to supplement personal moisture as needed.

I’m a younger woman and have no problems with personal dryness, why would I need Wet® products?

To maximize your pleasure! Wet products may be used by both partners to enhance all types of play. A liberal amount applied to outside of the condom after unrolling eases the friction and irritation associated with intercourse allowing your intimate experiences to last longer. Wet Flavored formulas are a great way to enhance oral play.  Add a little spice to your love life and see why everything is better with Wet!

Are there any animal products or by-products in Wet® Products?

No Wet products are made using animal product or by-product. 

Are all your products safe for both men and women?

Wet products are safe for both men and women. We always recommend patch testing on a small area any formulas you haven't used before, as everyone is different. Should irritation occur, discontinue use immediately and consult your physician.

Are Wet® lubricants safe to use while pregnant?

Formal studies have not been conducted for this use. Please check with your physician for his or her recommendation.

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