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Proveedor Toys/Toy Cleaners



  • Non-Greasy
  • Leaves No Residue
  • Alcohol Free
  • Made in the USA

Usage and Tips:

Remove toy batteries, if applicable. Generously apply to the entire surface of the toy. Allow toy wash to sit for thirty seconds, then wipe with a damp cloth. Rinse the surface with warm water, being careful not to get the battery compartment wet, then allow to air dry. To extend toy life, clean your toy after each use and follow manufacturer's recommendations for care and storage.


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We are all taught to put away our toys when we are done with them, but don't forget to clean them first! Wet Hygenic Sex Toy Cleaner is the gentle choice to extend the life of your favorite toys, and ensure they stay fresh and clean. This formula is safe to use on all toy materials, including rubber, silicone, latex, realistic materials, jelly rubber, plastic, metal, and glass. Just like making the bed, the only reason to clean it is so that it's ready to be used again, so... what are you waiting for?

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¡Esto es PERFECTO para mis pequeños ayudantes!

¡Agente limpiador nebulizador para todas las superficies!

¡Mejora la longevidad de tus juguetes!

¡Ingredientes de la más alta calidad!

¡Haga que la limpieza sea fácil!

Fabricado en EE. UU.