Lubricante híbrido de mezcla de silicona y agua WET Gold Luxury

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  • Water & Silicone Blend
  • Glycerin & Paraben Free
  • Colorless & Odorless
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Doctor Recommended
  • FDA Cleared 510K Medical Device
  • Safe With Most Toys

Usage and Tips:

If you had gold, you’d keep it locked in a safe. Thankfully, Hybrid doesn’t need to be locked away and saved to be enjoyed. Apply liberally to intimate areas (get creative!) before foreplay or intercourse for enhanced intimacy and pleasure.


Propilenglicol, agua/agua, dimeticona, ciclopentasiloxano, dimeticona PEG/PPG, ácido caprilhidroxámico, 1,2-hexanodiol, propanodiol, poliacrilato de sodio, trideceth-6, hidroxietilcelulosa

Hybrid Lubricant is the perfect mixture of water and silicone bases, ensuring that luxurious, silky, and long lasting glide on your skin. Developed and tested to the highest quality standards, this formula is a must for anyone who is looking for the best of both worlds; merging the superior longevity of silicone with the silky smooth glide of water based lubricants. Our hypoallergenic formula is compatible with natural rubber latex and polyisoprene condoms, as well as being glycerin and paraben free. Hybrid allows for the luxurious sensations to be taken to new heights as it safe for use with most toys, allowing for your only limit to be your imagination.

Customer Reviews

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The hybrid silicone plus water gave me and my friend a bad skin reaction

I've never had a reaction from any lube and I've tried every kind there is. Both me and my friend developed a red painful rash on our genitals and both the palms of ours hands became very irritated and developed a rash also. The whole point of me even getting this product to begin with was it was portrayed as premium delicate on skin and safe. Not at all. Now I have a full bottle of lube I can't do anything with.
Not a happy customer.

Jeffrey Gibson
Great customer service.

I put the wrong address and the company called several times to correct so I got my order. Very nice!!

Rob Baker
Dunno why gold hybrid isn’t on store shelves?!

So glad to have found Trigg online after the product was removed from CVS inventory. Purchasing was seamless shipping was discreet. There is simply nothing better than gold hybrid for every intimate occasion.

Richard R.
It glides nicely. Not sticky

Been using this product for years

Rendimiento de la silicona, con la fácil limpieza del lubricante a base de agua.

Formulado para brindar una experiencia sensual a todos los involucrados.

Imita la humedad natural de tu cuerpo.

Siéntete libre de utilizar Wet Gold Hybrid para todas tus actividades íntimas.

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