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It's likely you've heard of sex toy parties. Maybe you heard whisperings about one from a friend of a friend, or read about it online somewhere. And there were probably a few reasons why you would be nervous to attend or host one of those events, but we're here to break it down for you show and show you just how sexy and fun they can be.

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What is a sexy toy party?

A sex toy party is a time you get to spend with your closest friends (or accepting acquaintances) in an open and inclusive space to discuss all things sex. Often times, folks will hand out different toys or sex accessories including vibrators, lubricants, and lingerie. It's a safe space to ask questions within your community, free of judgment. 

Why a sex toy party is a good idea?

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Whether it's for a Bachelorette party, Girls/Gays/Couples Night In, or just a random Thursday, a sex toy party will be a silly, sexy celebration for all those who attend. And if anything, it'll be fun to talk about later. There aren't many places to safely discuss sex, other than your private browser history. If you attend to a sex toy party, you'll likely be around folks with similar and varying sexual experiences where you can freely discuss concerns, desires, fears, and excitements involving all things sex. Maybe you met someone new and they have disclosed a new kink they want to try and you want to get another person's opinion on it. Or maybe you've been wanting to try out a new dildo, but aren't sure which will be the right fit….Whatever is top of mind regarding your sex life, you'll be encouraged to share about it here and get insight from those closest to you.

Time to start planning

  1. Pick a Theme.
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Sex toy party is quite a theme in of itself. But think about what kind of sex toy party you want to have. Will it be more pink and fun for just you and your girls or sexy and sultry to get you in the mood? We suggest thinking about the people you want to attend the party and pick a theme best suited to all of your interests. For instance, if your bestie really wants you to throw a sex toy party as a part of her Bachelorette, think of all those attending - maybe the cousins and aunties would prefer a lighter theme then one that feels like 50 Shades. On the other hand, if you and your friends want to pre-game Drag night or use the event as another excuse to post a thirst trap for that guy that's always in your DMs, maybe having an all-leather dress code for the event will do the trick.

  1. Secure the Invite List.

One thing that is absolutely important when putting together your invite list, is making sure whoever will attend will be open to the experience. Sex can sometimes be awkward to talk about, and if a few of your close ones aren't comfortable with it, maybe leave them off the invite list. Everyone who attends should feel safe and excited to be there and we don't want negative energy taking over the room.

  1. Prep Food & Drink.

This should feel like a fun, sexy space and everything served should reflect that! Maybe pick out some of your favorite aphrodisiacs and report back if they worked or not at the end of the night. Serve some martinis, extra dirty, or get ingredients for Sex On The Beach cocktails - get creative with it!

  1. Activities
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While you'll most likely be talking sex all night, it's fun to sprinkle in a few games here and there to break it up or act as an ice breaker itself. You can have a raffle to raffle off sex toys, or a “Guess how many kisses are in the jar” game and the winner gets a sex accessory of their choosing. Maybe play a game of sex toy musical chairs where you pass along different sex toys and whatever is in your hand when the song ends, is what you get to keep. The ideas are endless! Here are a few others:

  • Lube taste test. WET offers a variety of flavored and unflavored lubes that you and your guests can try and take home your favorite one!
  • Sex Tip Jar: Have a jar front and center for anyone to put down their sex questions/tips and read them at the end of the night
  • Rent a pole for pole dancing: Unleash your sexual expression by renting a pole or move the party to a pole dancing class to learn from an expert
  • BDSM Quiz: Everyone can take a BDSM quiz and share their results at the end, free of judgment.

Where can I get sex toys/lube in my area?

While WET offers a wide variety of lubricants on its website and in different retailers & adult/specialty stores across the US, check out where WET is sold at! When visiting a store, let the salesperson know you're throwing a sex toy party. Maybe they can sponsor your event and offer you some deals. At the very least, they'll be able to point you in the right direction of their most popular products.

At the end of the night, we suspect you'll be more self-assured and curious about sex. Sharing about your sex life in spaces like these, increases self-confidence and boosts community bonding. Now get to trying out those toys on you or your partner and report back to the squad!

Here are some WET products we recommend to incorporate into your party:

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April 01, 2024