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Lube can be an intimidating sex accessory if you've never tried it before. Rumors get spread about it, historical marketing campaigns don't always portray it accurately, and it's often located in the ‘Family Planning' section at drugstores - shutting out a large population of consumers. Lubricants are more than just family planning tools or sex accessories. They are essential to a thriving sex life. Wet is here to debunk some of those old school myths and implicit stigmas around lube. Lube isn't just for one type of person or couple, and if you think spit will do the trick just as well, boy are you in for a treat. Here are some common misconceptions about lube and what you can tell the next person who's got it wrong:

Myth #1: Lube will destroy condoms and sex toys

WET Personal Lubricant

While it's true that not all lubes are created equal, or are compatible for every kind of sex, most lubes are perfectly safe to use with either condoms or sex toys. If you are using condoms or silicone toys, avoid oil-based lubricants as they can break down material if used excessively (which we hope for your sake, you are). Instead, try a WET hybrid or water-based lubricant. Both are safe to use. If you are using a glass toy, all lubes are on the table. For more guidelines, check out our educational guide;


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Myth #2: It's only for people who have a hard time getting aroused

One of the most harmful stereotypes surrounding lube is that it's reserved for people with “issues”. While it's recommended for folks who are post-menopausal or have trouble producing natural, body lubricant, lube is for everyone.

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Myth #3: It's not feminine

Because of historical marketing on lube and the fallacies that loom over women that their “wetness” somehow correlates to their attraction, many women shy away from trying lube out for themselves thinking it to be unfeminine. This couldn't be further from the truth. Many women struggle with being turned on and vaginal dryness for various reasons. None of them are linked with being “less feminine” or “less attractive”. It's completely normal. On top of that, even if you don't have an issue with getting naturally wet, lube is still helpful when trying out new things with yourself or your partner. Knowing what you want and how to get to peak satisfaction in your sex life isn't unattractive, it's a power move!

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Myth #4: It's for anal only

Lube is necessary for anal sex, that's correct. But it's also great for so many other types of sexual desires and fantasies. Take shower sex, for example. Water can actually dry out our body's natural lubricants and using a silicone or hybrid based lube while in the shower, will actually help you last longer. All sex can be enhanced with lube!

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Myth #5: Lube will give you a yeast infection

Many women are nervous to try lube with fear that it will give them an infection. If you are prone to yeast infections, be sure to check the ingredient list when trying out a new lube. While there are some lubes on the market that use glycerin that can cause yeast to develop, other lubricants are vaginally safe to use. But fear not, there are ph-balanced lubricants including this one from WET that are safe.

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Myth #6: It's embarrassing

Whether it's the stigma that you have an issue if you need lube or you think people will assume you're “too” promiscuous, many people think owning lube is thought of as shameful. The reality is that having a thriving sex life correlates to a healthier lifestyle. If we want to take our mental and physical health seriously, we have to do everything within our control to prioritize our desires. There is nothing shameful about it.

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Myth #7: Lube irritates your skin

Like with most sex toys and accessories, looking at ingredients is key, especially if you have sensitive skin or allergies. Having too much friction during sex can lead to irritation, which is what lube is designed to eliminate. However, be sure to look at each label and the base of the lube you purchase to ensure that it will work for you. We recommend testing it out on a small patch of skin before going full throttle.

Myth #8: It tastes weird

We aren't sure what lube the people who are spreading this rumor are trying. Most lubes are flavorless. If you want to spice it up with something yummy while you're going down on your partner, Wet offers a variety of flavored lube sure to make you think otherwise.

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Myth #9: It stains easily

Before purchasing your bottle of lube, think about what you will be using it for. If you're using it in the shower, it's not a problem if it's oil-based since there's nothing to stain with water running down your body. But, if you plan on using it on your expensive sheets, make sure you buy a lube that is water-based so you know it won't set into your fabric.

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Myth #10: It's expensive

Lube is not expensive! There are many affordable options on the market including Wet's Luxury Platinum silicone lube. Once you try it and see how much it improves your sex life, you'll want to set up a monthly subscription for the stuff.

Bottom line: If you're curious about lube and are letting these things stop you from trying it, do your research. WET provides a basic guide to understanding how lube will improve your sex life and which lube is right for your needs. Be your own myth buster and try it for yourself!

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March 05, 2024