Why Clean With Wet

Why Clean With Wet



Sex toys bring an exciting addition to bedroom activities, enhancing erotic companionship and satisfaction. While WET encourages play and pleasure, we also advocate proper maintenance of sex toys. According to Planned Parenthood, bacteria can thrive in invisible colonies if your toys aren’t regularly cleaned before and after use, running a high risk of infection. Find tips below to make preserving your pleasure treasure trove a breeze!


Non-Electronic Toys

Liberally apply our Vibe Wash™ all over your glass, metal, stone, plastic, or wood sex toy. With a clean and damp cloth or paper towel, wipe off your toy. Afterwards, submerge your toy completely in clean water. Then dry with a clean cloth or paper towel. This ensures a clean and bacteria-free toy that is safe for use again after storage!


Electronic Toys

            With electronic toys that are not waterproof, remove the batteries if possible. If your electronic toy is Spray our Antibacterial Vibe Wash™ only onto the parts of the toy that go inside your body. Lather and wipe off with a damp cloth. Then, rinse the same parts with water and dry with a clean cloth. It is important to keep the places near the charger port or battery pack dry, as this will lengthen your toy’s lifespan.


Sex Toy Storage

Once your toys are perfectly cleaned per the recommended directions, make sure to store them in a designated sanitary box. Often times, the original packaging will suffice. Dry thoroughly, and the case will become your sanitary sex toy treasure chest!


Following our guide for clean toys will ensure a safe, spotless, and sanitary gadget with every use. While it may seem tedious to go through these steps each time you play, our Antibacterial Vibe Wash™ is the gentle choice to extend the life of your favorite toys and prevent UTIs and STIs. With so many wonderful features that do the work for you, all that’s left to do is play on!