Wet Platinum Found to Be One of The Two Safest Lubricants Tested

Wet Platinum

We are not surprised that recent research on lubricant use and potential HIV infection found Wet® Platinum® to be one of the two safest lubricants in terms of the toxicity tested. All of our 80+ products have been developed, tested and manufactured to comply with stringent FDA Medical Device regulations, in our state-of-the-art facilities, for exceptional purity, consistency and comfort levels. According to the study, ingredients in some of the lubricants tested were found to be responsible for stripping away cells on the rectal tissue, thus increasing the risk of transmitting disease. The subject of the research study, the Wet Platinum product we market, does not contain these dissolved salts or sugars and was found by the study to have no toxicity. We look forward to further research on this topic and ask that specific questions regarding the study should be addressed to Lisa Rossi at RossilL@upmc.edu.”

“Since its founding in 1989, Wet has advocated safer sex practices and is committed to safe sex education, contributing safe-sex kits, educational materials and money to more than 300 non-profit organizations yearly, including many HIV/AIDS outreach charities.”

-Michael Trigg, Founder and CEO of Trigg Laboratories, Inc., makers of Wet® Personal Lubricants

Wet® Products are widely available at many specialty and mass retailers including Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid, HEB, Shoppers Drug Mart, Target, and America’s favorite discount supercenter.

Use of Lubricants, Unprotected Anal Sex and the Risk of HIV (Link to article)