Warming Desserts

Warming Desserts


There’s a new kind of lube out on the market! Thanks to Wet Lubricants with their new Warming Desserts heated, flavored lubricant! This type of lubricant takes oral sex to a whole new level. With their sugar-free yet incredibly sweet and delectable flavors, Wet’s Warming Desserts are the hot new thing to buy at your local pleasure products shop! Listed below are the three main benefits of using Wet Warming Desserts.



The feeling your partner will get when you put some of Wet’s Warming Desserts on their body will be amazing! Once the lubricant is applied to an erogenous zone and blown on it will gently warm, sending pleasurable sensations throughout your lover’s body. Also, you can mix it up with this product as it can enhance the pleasure of vaginal and anal sex as well as oral. To top all of this off, masturbating with this product gives an awesome warming sensation to the user’s genitalia for solo play as well.



The flavors in Wet’s Warming Desserts line-up are DELICIOUS to say the least! The Baked Gooey Chocolate Chip Cookie flavor is mouth-watering, as it tastes just like an actual cookie hot out of the oven! Fresh Delicious Donuts, Slow Baked Hazelnut Soufflé and Warm Homemade Cinnamon Roll flavors are also delightful flavors available in the line.   Apple Pie À La Mode is the final of the 5 new, sugar-free flavors from Wet Lubricants, a sweet treat to satisfy any sexual appetite! Don’t worry, they’re calorie free so you won’t be cheating on your diet!



The gently heating sensation of Wet’s Warming Desserts can intensify pleasure and deepen your sense of satisfaction.  The warming action makes your erogenous zones more sensitive, leading to intense and fulfilling orgasms for you and your partner.  You will have also satisfied your sweet tooth without consuming all the excessive calories that come with eating the actual desserts … and aren’t sweets more enjoyable off of your lover’s body? When it’s time to clean up, this lubricant easily washes away with warm water and it is compatible with latex condoms making Wet Warming Desserts the perfect companion for your weekend date night.

To purchase Wet’s Warming Desserts click here: https://www.amazon.com/stores/page/87DC5276-D387-45D1-A594-BE0D292CD410?ingress=3&visitId=1ac19c0a-3f6a-421a-aae5-5ef89b392b80

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