This Just In: Working Out Gets You Hot In the Bedroom!


A good workout gives you extra energy, zaps your stress and usually makes you feel pretty good about yourself. And sometimes, working up a sweat can have sexy side effects.

Our friends at Wet recently conducted a survey all about exercise and the effects it has on us in the gym and in the bedroom. 67% of survey participants told Wet that working out “noticeably increases their sex drive.” And unsurprisingly, over 70% of respondents said they checked out others while working out.

It’s easy to see why a rigorous workout could get you all hot and bothered; you’re breathing heavy, sweating and flexing all sorts of muscles. And if you’re working out with a romantic partner (or just eyeing a hottie across the way on the elliptical), watching him or her go through all those motions could stir up some racy thoughts.

Then again, not everyone feels sexy during (or after!) a workout. Sometimes, you feel so sweaty, you just want to hit the showers…alone.

Are you in the mood after a workout? Or not so much? If you’re in a relationship, do you and your partner work out together?

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