The Power of Cool Tingle Wet Synergy Lubricant from GoodVibes


I’m not a big consumer of artificial lubrication, but when I do use it, I’ve relied on Wet lubricant products for years now.

I’ve always found it to be some of the silkiest, non-sticky, quality lube you can buy.

Now, I’m surely not a big fan of warming products at all. This stems from a tingle tanning lotion experiment gone terrible wrong, but the masochist in me has always been curious about experiencing some extra sensation from such products sexually.

Well, Wet Lubricants has made this possible for me by introducing their new Wet Synergy + Cool Tingle Lubricant.

It is a water + silicone hybrid lube, and the great thing about this is that silicone lubricants last longer than water-based, and they usually seem to be on the thicker & silkier side. I didn’t really find this one to be significantly thicker than your average Wet water-based lube, but definitely nice & silky, leaving no residue or stickiness behind at all, and Wet lubricants have always been really wonderful for that quality.

Just a little bit goes a long way in terms of the cool tingle sensation, and I must admit, it is an icy tingle in an oh so pleasurable way! I really like this stuff and it is intense, as well as definitely for the masochist in you, but it’s not so intense that it burns, so Wet really knew what they were doing when they came out with this one.

They’ve used Peppermint as the key ingredient here, so the tingle comes from a very natural source.

If you are a sensitive Sally & do find it to be a bit too intense, no worries! It doesn’t last so long that you’ll have to be concerned about making the tingle go away (about 10-20 minutes max), and if you love the tingle, which I’m sure you will, you can continue to reapply as desired. It also washes away very easily with water.

While it does prolong the climax (which, let’s admit, can be really fun & sensational sometimes), once you get there, it definitely intensifies the experience!! You can have a blast with this having the big O intensely, over & over again.

If you’re looking for some extra added sensation & fun with temperature play, I have to say this one is a must have for the toy box! You can get your own Wet Synergy Cool Tingle Lubricant at, and know this is one addition to the bedroom, whether for solo or couple’s use, that I highly recommend!