The Low-Down on Lubes: Learn About the Different Types of Lubricants From the Experts at WET

The Low-Down on Lubes: Learn About the Different Types of Lubricants From the Experts at WET


When shopping for personal lubricants at your local sex shop or in the personal health/sexual wellness section at a drug store, you may not know where to start. There are a plethora of options and if you’re a newcomer to lube, it can be overwhelming. Lucky for you, we’re experts on personal lubricants. After all, we’ve been developing and selling them for 30 years!  Here’s a list of the different types of lubricants (yes, there are several types), why you need them, and when to buy them.


#1 Water-Based Lubricant


Water-based lubes are great for all forms of sexual activity. They work well with toys, condoms, and any kind of intercourse. They’re also never sticky and wash away easily. Wet’s “Water Based” product,  as well as others such as “Femme Water Based” are great lubricants that will enhance any sexual activity with your significant other. Water Based lubricants are perfect for any encounter outside of the shower. Why? The water in the shower can wash away the product. Apply Water Based lubricants to intimate areas then have fun in the bedroom, living room, kitchen … wherever and whenever the occasion arises!


#2 Silicone lubricant

When you hear “Silicone Lubricant”, think “long-lasting”. Unlike Water-Based lubricants which can evaporate after a while, silicone lubricants stay slick and continue to deliver a silky, smooth feeling. In other words, it can probably last longer than you can! Perfect for shower sex and known as a great lubricant for anal sex, this type of lube is also used by  ‘marathon men’ …  those that last a long time in the bedroom. Wet’s best-selling silicone lubricant,  Platinum, our Uranus anal lube, and our Femme Luxury Silicone lubricants are all great for when you and your partner are having anal sex or getting it on in the shower.


#3 Water-Silicone  Lubricant

Lubricants that have a Water-Silicone blend are also known as “hybrids” and they provide the best of both worlds. You get the easy, clean-up benefit of a Water Based lubricant, along with the longer lasting slickness of Silicone lubricant. Wet’s hybrid lubricants include Elite and Elite Femme Water Silicone (which is made to mimic a woman’s natural moisture). If you’ve never tried a Water-Silicone lubricant, these two are great choices!


#4 Other

There are also lubricants that have other bases such as hemp in Wet’s Hemptation lubricant or aloe in our Organics product. These lubricants not only help reduce friction and provide pleasure but are also very good for your skin. Hemptation is infused with USDA certified hemp extract, providing a great way to relax and release during sexual play. Organics is pH balanced, 100% natural, and leaves skin feeling soft and smooth. There are also warming and flavored lubricants that are essentially water based but have a different purpose. Flavored lubricants like our delicious Desserts, Fun Flavors, and Flavored lines are meant to be consumed and add a tasty treat for the giver of any oral play. Our Warming,  and Femme Cool Tingle’ either heat up or give a cooling sensation to arouse any erogenous zone where applied. So get out there and experiment! Remember, the wetter the better!