Spring Fever Is Here! Why Warmer Weather Gets Us ‘In the Mood


Spring fever isn’t just about baseball.

As the temperatures rise, so does libido, a survey from Wet Products confirms. A whopping two-thirds of respondents said they become more interested in sex when the weather gets warmer, and almost three-quarters said they feel sexier during the warmer seasons.

We asked LA-based urologist and sexual health expert Jennifer R. Berman, MD, why spring has a way of putting people in the mood — and what to do if we aren’t feeling so sexy.

Why is it that everyone feels sexier when it’s warm out?

As the weather gets warmer, we shed layers of clothes, we work out more, we’re more conscious of our bodies and we’re out in the sun and in the heat. That all increases blood flow to our brains, our bodies and our genitals, and it elevates our moods and endorphins, so there really is a reason behind spring fever. And it’s actually about anthropology: The shift in temperature changes our hormones and our circadian rhythms and really makes it a mating season.

How can you take advantage of that? And why should you?

Just do it! There’s a growing body of evidence that suggests that the more sexually active we are throughout our lives, the longer we live. There are real health benefits to being sexually active. It’s sort of like how people who have pets live longer; people in intimate, loving relationships live longer.

A lot of SELF readers say they’re in happy relationships or marriages with men they find attractive, but they have no sex drive. What advice would you give them?

First, there’s a difference between emotional attraction and sexual attraction. And for women, we feel like having sex with our partners when we’re emotionally connected and attracted. If our level of desire changes, whether it’s because of a new birth control pill, stress or some sort of life crisis, and we withdraw from sex, men actually become less emotionally available, because sex is how they become emotionally connected.

So it’s this cycle, where we become less sexually available, so they become less emotionally available, which makes us even less sexually available. You’ve just got to get back in the swing of things — when he feels more emotionally connected because you’re having sex again, chances are you’ll feel the emotional attraction you need.

But if you really do feel both emotionally and sexually attracted to your partner but have no sexual desire, it sounds like it could be a hormonal imbalance, whether it’s because of an antidepressant or some other medication you’re taking. A woman in this situation should talk to her doctor.

It’s also important for women to make time for their relationships and schedule time to be together. With a little enthusiasm and motivation, [sex drive] can be conjured up.

Does springtime put you “in the mood”?

Founded in 1989 by Michael Trigg, Trigg Laboratories manufactures premium sexual wellness and consumer healthcare products and is parent company to Wet International, Inc., one of the world’s best-selling specialty lines of personal lubricants and intimacy products. Developed, formulated and packaged at Trigg Laboratories’ 52,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art facility in Valencia, Calif., each of Wet’s 80-plus products are tested to comply with stringent FDA medical device regulations and boast exceptional purity, consistency and comfort levels. Wet is currently available in 62 countries.

Article from Self Magazine – 4.6.2011