SheKnowscom SEXCERPTS: Spring Sex Tips by Jamie Beckman


The weather is getting warmer (slowly but surely, especially if you’re in New York City, like us!), and that’s when a young girl’s fancy turns to thoughts of…hot sex. (Hey, we’re just being honest.) Our friends at Wet Personal Lubricants have compiled a “Spring Fever” sex survey and confirmed our suspicions that love (or at least lust) is in the air. Here are their findings and our recommendations for each statistic:

1. 67% of respondents said they become more interested in sex when the weather starts getting warmer.

2. 74% said that they feel sexier during the warmer seasons.

3. More than one-third (38%) of respondents said they find that their inhibitions are lower in the warmer months

Sexcerpts tip: Take advantage of your lowered inhibitions by trying a new product, likeWet Together lubricant for couples, to spice things up in the bedroom. Dr. Jennifer L. Berman, M.D., urologist and women’s health expert, says lube is a great way to add novelty to sex and lighten both you and your partner’s moods after the winter doldrums. “Incorporating toys and lubricants into the relationship can be a wonderful distraction from life’s problems,” she says.

4. Almost half (49%) are more likely to flirt with a stranger when the weather starts getting warmer.

5. 38% of respondents are more likely to have a one-night stand when the weather starts getting warmer.


Article from – 4.4.2011