Sex and the Super Bowl: Does a Big Win Equal Hotter Sex?


If you secretly suspect your partner would trade you in for a 50-inch flatscreen come Super Bowl time, this stat will give you something to cheer about: A survey by Wet intimacy products found that 36% of people have better sexafter their partner’s favorite sports team wins a big game. Now that’s what we call scoring.

A few other sexy, sporty stats from the poll:

• Around 70% of people have used sports terms (e.g. score, touchdown, second base) to describe sex acts

• Almost  65% of participants said that they’ve tried to lure their partner away from watching a big game in exchange for some romantic activity.

We don’t recommend trying to come between a sports fan and his or her television set, but if a big win is going to equal hotter sex for you, pull on a jersey and root right alongside your partner. Hey, couple bonding can happen on the couch too!

After the big Patriots—Giants game, try stripping down to a sporty T-shirt and nothing else — even if your team loses, a roll in the hay is a pretty sweet consolation prize.

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