Robin Williams Shares A Laugh With Wet

WET International, Inc. meets comedian Robin Williams
backstage at his Weapons of Self-Destruction Tour



Los Angeles, March 19, 2009 – Robin Williams has played several memorable characters over the years; the young at heart Peter Pan in Hook; a humorous medical student, Patch Adams, in the movie of the same name; an inspiring English professor, John Keating, in Dead Poets Society; and a gay drag nightclub owner, Armand Goldman, in The Birdcage. In February 2009, while in Santa Barbara for his Weapons of Self-Destruction Tour, Williams reminisced with Wet International, Inc. founder, Michael Trigg, about his pre-fame career.

Wet’s owner, a longtime fan of Williams, was thrilled to have the opportunity to go backstage with Wet’s special events director, Arturo Quitevis, after the show and meet the legendary comedian. Trigg shared first time he saw him in the late 1970’s. “I was making a delivery for an electronics company to NBC. I took a break from my delivery to watch a rehearsal for the second version of Laugh In; Robin had a huge box of various hats and each time he took a hat out of the box, he became a different character with a different accent,” says Trigg. “I remember recalling that this guy is amazingly talented and I knew he would be really famous one day.” Shortly after Trygstad’s encounter at NBC, Williams starred in the sitcom, Mork & Mindy, and the rest was history.

Robin Williams and Michael Trigg shared a good laugh as they walked down memory lane. Trigg showed his appreciation by giving Williams a basket full of Wet products. Not long after Williams’ Santa Barbara show, he suffered a heart related illness and had to cancel the reminder of his Weapons of Self-Destruction Tour. Michael wishes his new friend all the best on a speedy recovery.

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