Wet® Warming® Premium Heating Lubricant™

Turn up the heat!

Gently heats on contact and warms with motion… Blow on it, it gets warmer. Wet® Warming™ is silky smooth, long lasting, water soluble, harmless if ingested, and latex friendly. Lick it and feel the heat between your sheets! Not recommended for those with sensitive skin.

  • Water Soluble
  • Gentle Heating Sensation
  • Use On the Nipples and Erogenous Zones Too
How to Use

Water Soluble

Wet® Warming™ is odorless, colorless, and latex friendly. It washes away easily with warm water. Made with ethically-sourced, US Pharmacopeia grade palm glycerin and moisturizing Vitamin E. It is recommended for use with all types of toys and for warming massage as well.


Gentle Heating Sensation

The intensity of the warming sensation will depend on the amount of moisture in your skin. You can increase the sensation by spreading a thin layer of Wet® Warming™ on the skin and blowing or breathing on it. The moisture in your breath will enhance the warming sensation.


Use On the Nipples and Erogenous Zones Too

Stimulating nipples and erogenous zones such as the back of the neck, the inner arm and inner thigh and backs of the ears can be very erotic. Women typically need about twenty minutes of foreplay to become fully aroused so remember to spend quality time exploring erogenous zones other than the genitals.

Warming Lubricants like Wet® Warming are a good choice for those seeking a little adventure. Use liberally during foreplay to get the juices flowing. Apply a drop under the head of the penis, on the nipples or along the outer lips of vagina. Warm breath over the area of application tends to bring out the warming properties. Note: Wet® Warming is not recommended for those with sensitive skin.
Glycerin, Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E Acetate).

What makes Wet® Warming™ different?

Wet® Warming formulas are designed to offer the added pleasure of a gentle warming sensation. “Rub it on; it gets warm. Blow on it; it gets warmer.” Friction really heats things up. When you desire that something extra, try Wet® Warming!

What makes the warming heat up?

This glycerin based formula reacts with the moisture in your skin creating the warming sensation. Friction and added moisture intensifies the sensation.

What if the warming doesn’t heat up or work?

Keep in mind, it is a gentle warming sensation. It is not supposed to be hot. During very cold times of the year when humidity is low or when your skin is very dry, you may experience less warming than in more humid times. Check the expiration date of the product as well. If expired, discard the product as it will not likely warm.

Can I use Wet® Warming™ as a Massage Lotion?

Yes! This long-lasting glycerin based formula may be used for a warming sensual massage and its clear, water-based formula won’t stain sheets! It is long lasting and kissably sweet so pour it on and turn up the heat!
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wow wow

Helen H. From Illinois, USA

Warm n Yummy

I love this product. Me n my wife enjoy it all the time.
Rizwan From New Jersey, USA

Warm enough

This was a product I was a little afraid to try, but after using it, it really made the night much more adventures. I applied a little and it lasted the whole time. I give this product a BIG 4 because I would recommend a spicy or sweet scent.
Clint From Kansas, USA