Wet® Fun Flavors® 4-in-1 Lubricant

4-In-1 Lubricant!

Wet® Fun Flavors® 4-In-1 Stain-Free, Sugar-Free, Flavored, Warming, Massage Lotion and Lubricant All-In-One! Gently heats on contact and warms with motion… Blow on it, it gets warmer. Lick it, for a truly tasty sensation! Wet® Fun Flavors® are silky smooth, long lasting, water-soluble, harmless if ingested, and latex friendly.

  • Flavored, Warming, Massage, Lubricant
  • Sugar-Free, Stain-Free
  • Proprietary Gentle Heating Sensation
  • Use On Nipples and Erogenous Zones Too
How to Use

Flavored, Warming, Massage, Lubricant

Wet® Fun Flavors® are deliciously flavored and scented. They give more of a warming sensation than most warming formulas on the market. They may be used as a lubricant or as a warming massage lotion. Feels Delicious®!


Sugar-Free, Stain-Free

Though naturally sweet, Wet® Fun Flavors® contain no sugar and they are clear and contain no dyes. They will not stain sheets and can be rinsed away with water.


Gentle Heating Sensation

The level of sensation will depend on the amount of moisture in your skin. You can add to the warming sensation by spreading a thin layer of Fun Flavors® on the skin and breathing on it. The moisture in your breath will intensify the warming sensation.


Use On Nipples and Erogenous Zones Too

Experimenting with varying sensations over the whole body is a great way to get to know what your partner likes and doesn’t like. Women typically need about twenty minutes of foreplay to become fully aroused so it’s important to spend time on erogenous zones other than the genitals. With five Wet® Fun Flavors®, you could play all day.

Apply a light layer of water based Wet 4-In-1 Fun Flavors® Personal Lubricant to parts of your lover’s body, as you kiss or graze them with your tongue. Gently blow to create a warming sensation.
Glycerin and Artificial Flavor.

What’s the difference between Wet® Flavored™ Lubricant and Wet® 4-In-1™ Fun Flavors®?

Wet® Flavored™ Lubricant have a formula similar to our Wet® Water Based Premium Lubricant. They are available in Tropical Explosion, Sexy Strawberry, Popp’n Cherry, Passion Punch, and Juicy Watermelon. Wet® 4-In1™ Fun Flavors® are a Flavored, Warming, Massage Lotion and Lubricant all in one!  Both are a great way to enhance oral play. Each formula is colorless, stain-free and sugar-free and it tastes like real fruit with no bitter aftertaste! “Slippery and Sweet” or “Turn Up The Heat”? You decide which formula is right for you!

Does Wet® 4-In-1™ Fun Flavors® contain sugar?

As of September 1, 2006, Wet® Fun Flavors® are now sugar-free.

What makes Wet® 4-In-1™ Fun Flavors® heat up?

This glycerin based formula reacts with the moisture in your skin creating the warming sensation. Friction and added moisture intensifies the sensation. During very cold times of the year when humidity is low or your skin is very dry, you may experience less warming than in more humid times. Friction and moisture associated with intercourse intensifies the warming sensation. Use a small amount to see if this formula is right for you. Discontinue use immediately if irritation occurs. Rinse with mild soap and cool water.

Can I use Wet® 4-In-1™ Fun Flavors® 4-In1 as a Massage Lotion?

Yes! This long-lasting glycerin based formula may be used for a warming sensual massage and its clear, water-based formula won’t stain sheets! It simply Feels Delicious!

Is there real fruit in your flavor lubricant?

No! There is no actual fruit in the lubricant only flavors that makes our lubricant taste like the real thing.
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I Love The Explosion

I love your lubes, mainly the Wet Fun Flavors 4-in-1 Lubricant-Tropical Fruit Explosion (UPC 16222204280)! I love how it warms up when I blow on it.
Jana From Ohio, USA

Another win for Wet!

I’ve always had allergic reactions to every brand of lube EXCEPT wet. My man had never used lube before me and now he says he’ll never go back. I’ve recommended this to all my friends!
Ashley From New Hampshire, USA

Best Flavored Lube Ever!

This really heated the night up with a strong strawberry experience. I also bought the Watermelon Blast and it also spiced up the other night I surprised my man with. THX!
Galina From Florida

It was a seductive night

My girlfriend bought us the WET 4-in-1 Seductive Strawberry flavored I just have to say we both LOVE it. The taste is yummy the warmth is such a turn on. I dont think I’d use any other.
Andrea G. From USA