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A Super-Smooth Guide to Premium Personal Lubricants

Generally speaking, people who use lube regularly have a pretty good idea of what they want from it when buying it. Their preferences and needs regarding sexual lubricants are well-established. But if you’re new to the world of lube, you might be a bit more in the dark.

You’re likely wondering, “What will be the best lube for my partner and me?” Or maybe, “What’s the difference between premium personal lubricant and the ‘regular’ kinds, anyway?”

No shame in not knowing these things — that’s what the Wet team is here to help you with! We took the time to put together a thorough guide on everything you need to know for choosing the highest-quality lubes, so that you can guarantee mind-blowing, body-shaking sex for you and your partner.

What types of personal lubricant are there?

All told, there are quite a few different sexual/personal lubes out on the market. But you’re most likely to find the following four types when you start looking:

Water-based: Along with the ever-reliable H₂O, these premium lubes typically contain little more than glycerin and a few other compounds to give them some viscosity. Some consider premium water-based lubricants to be the most “versatile” lube because they’re easy to apply, long-lasting, easy to clean up, and compatible with natural rubber latex condoms and all kinds of sex toys, but that’s not a universally held belief. (Also, “most versatile” doesn’t necessarily mean “best,” but we’ll get to that later.)

Silicone lubes: Looking for an even-longer lasting lube? You’ve got it with silicone-based premium sexual lubricants. It feels soft and incredibly comfortable wherever and however you use it, including anal sex or hours-long marathon performances. The silky-smooth formula that is the basis for Wet’s silicone lubes are the result of dedication and research, as we only use the most high-quality silicones available in the personal care industry, sourced from trusted providers.

Hybrid (blended) lubricants: These are usually made either from a mixture of silicone and water or a blend of silicones (usually several of different viscosity levels, ranging from low to high). Premium hybrid lube can offer you more of a cushioned, almost bouncy feeling, and in its water-silicone version, it’s easier to clean up than its pure silicone counterpart.

Oil: We include this not because it’s a lube option that’s truly worth considering, but more as a cautionary tale. Although oil-based lubricants are fairly common and have had a surge because of their “natural” variants (like coconut oil), they’re risky to use with a latex condom — the oil and other ingredients weaken the material and can cause breakage. That, plus their level of vaginal infection risk, outweighs any of the pros these lubes might have. (Oh, and they’re an absolute pain in the ass to clean up. We’re talking major stain potential for your sheets, underwear, and anywhere else the oil might find itself.)

So those are the four most common lubes, only three of which are worth considering. Which brings us to our next thing to consider on your dive into the deep end of premium sexual lubricants.

(Quick disclaimer: Please don’t ever literally dive into a pool of lube. There are so very many reasons why this is a bad idea. Not that we think anyone would because the logistics alone would be mind-boggling….just covering all of our bases.)

What is the best lube?

Well….this can be an awfully tough question for a lot of different reasons. The first and most obvious being that there“best” is subjective — your “best” might not be the same as your partner’s version of the word, whether you’re talking about lube or anything else.

But with all of that said, it’s still worth considering the differences between premium personal lubes and their more ordinary or “standard” alternatives. These are the most important ones:

Consistency: Generally speaking, the consistency of standard-level lubes is somewhat different from those in the premium category: specifically, it’s usually a little bit thinner and less viscous. Now we understand some folks might think this could be easier to work with, or maybe even more comfortable — but in fact, the opposite is typically true. More often than not, you want a lube to have greater viscosity and thickness, so it lasts longer and requires less frequent reapplication, and that’s what you get with all of the premium water-based, silicone, and hybrid lubricants from Wet. Also, premium lubes always offer a more comfortable and sexually satisfying sensation.

Ingredients: If you’re just now getting into lube, you might not be aware of how important quality ingredients are to the success of the product. But they absolutely are. Simply put, lesser-quality lubes are more likely to contain lower-quality ingredients. These may include inferior examples of the compounds that are supposed to help make water-based lubes smooth and viscous but are thin and too slippery, or mediocre silicones that aren’t long-lasting and make you lose that lovin’ feeling (shoutout to The Righteous Brothers). You should expect better from any lube worth its salt, and quality ingredients are necessary to get that high-level experience.

Versatility: As a sexually active person, you want your lovemaking experiences to be diverse and adventurous, don’t you? If your answer is “yes” (as it is for pretty much everyone), then it makes sense for your lube to be as flexible as you are. Garden-variety sexual lubricants won’t necessarily fit the bill here — they may not last very long or be ideal for things other than penetrative vaginal sex. Premium lube, meanwhile, is always long-lasting, and it’s also formulated to work just as well (and as comfortably) for anal sex, masturbation — solo or mutual — and all varieties of oral.

Ease of use: Ideally, once you apply lube wherever it needs to go, you shouldn’t have to think about it much after that, unless you need to reapply for extra-long, extra-hot sex that goes for hours and hours. (Or if you want to say, “Wow, this lube is friggin’ awesome,” which we hope is the case.) High-end lube from Wet, in all versions, is condom compatible, comfortable all the way through each sexual encounter, requires minimal effort to clean off of yourself and your sheets (with no risk of staining), and doesn’t leave any residue or unpleasant after-feel.

What kind of lube should I use?

All right — we’ve figured out, pretty definitively, that it’s in your best interest to opt for premium sexual lubricants and gone over solid evidence as to why this is the case. So now you’ve got water-based, silicone and hybrid lubes to consider, and the question is still in your mind: Which lube should I choose?

First, you have to consider personal preference, of course. Some people will simply like how water-based lube feels more than they do silicone, while others are more into the silkiness of silicone lubricant. Hybrid lubes, with their elements of both substances, will be the perfect happy medium for others. If you’re a lube newbie, maybe consider buying a bottle of each — Wet products are all available in small 1 oz. or 3 oz. bottles, if you need to be frugal — and take them all for “test-drives.”

There are other factors at play regarding what premium lube is best: If you like to use sex toys, water-based premium lube is the most flexible lube. (Although silicone lube generally works just fine with toys, the possibility for adverse reactions between the two items makes it unwise to use silicone lubricant with those accessories.) On the other hand, if you’re having anal sex, a hybrid or pure silicone premium lubricant will make it the most comfortable while also lasting the longest. Along similar lines, if you’re having some particularly adventurous sex (e.g., in a hot tub), you have to use silicone because water-based or even hybrid lube will come off in the warm bubbles.

Bottom line: Wet premium lubricant is your best bet for living your best sex life. Check out our Amazon store to see which high-end variety is right for you.


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