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Coming Closer Together: What Is The Best Lube for Couples?

Sex is supposed to be wet and wild — you know that. The wetter the better? Hands down. That’s something we can all agree on.

And even though lube is generally considered by those who have a problem getting primed for sexual activity, it’s actually for everyone. Whether you’re looking for some extra assistance in avoiding uncomfortable friction or you just want to spice things up in the bedroom with your partner, personal lubricant is your ticket to sexy and sensual satisfaction. Saliva may help you start setting the mood for you and your partner, but that natural moisture can only do so much.

Are you ready to slip into the best sex of your life? It’s time to grab your lover and a tube of lube and head to the bedroom.

Benefits of Using Lube for Couples

Lube doesn’t have to be an embarrassing part of your sex routine — you should be blushing from how flustered and horny you’re getting, not because you’re ashamed of using this motion lotion.

There’s no reason to get upset about getting wet. In fact, you and your partner can enjoy plenty of the benefits of using personal lubricant, such as:

  1. It reduces unwanted dryness.

The most obvious reason to use lube in the first place is the relief from dryness downstairs. Between stress, hormonal issues or the simple idea of just not feeling it when it’s time to go in on your lover, there are dozens of reasons why you might be finding it difficult to get wet and stay wet during sex. That’s why lube makes perfect sense in this scenario — it’s your cure for feeling a bit bare down there.

  1. Anyone can use it.

No matter your gender, age range, sexuality or preference for number of partners, lube can be enjoyed by all. That also means you can place it, pretty comfortably, anywhere your heart desires that feels great to be stimulated during sex. So don’t knock yourself down because you're older or feel embarrassed to admit you want to give it a shot — grab a bottle to try out a sample size of satisfaction.

  1. It makes for much better sex.

Sure, lube can be very helpful when you just can’t seem to get wet down there, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only time you should use the stuff. Personal lubricant is great for making sex wetter and more intensely pleasure than ever before. It even comes in edible flavors and additional sensations to step things up yet another notch!

  1. … And safer sex, too.

Having sex with condoms on? That’s a great way to avoid pregnancy and STI’s, but it’s also one way to reduce natural wetness and make those fun positions feel less pleasurable. This doesn’t mean you should get rid of the condoms, however — practicing safe sex is always smart. It’s just even smarter to add some lube while you’re wrapped up! It’s perfect for combatting the discomfort you or your partner might feel as a result of using wearing a condom.

“Lube reduces the friction of condoms, making them less likely to break, and it reduces microscopic tears through which STI pathogens could enter the body,”McDevitt, PhD and sexologist shared with Health magazine.

  1. It’s a great way to bring you and your lover together.

When was the last time you and your partner really spiced things up during sex? Between dirty talk and roleplaying to having sex in an out-of-the-ordinary location, there are plenty of different options to mix it up and have the best sex of your life. If you’re not quite ready to play dominatrix yet, though, lube is a great stepping stone for changing things up with your partner. Just add it to foreplay for a sweet and subtle gesture to really get things going.

  1. There are so many different types to choose from.

In addition to water- and silicone-based lube, you can even try a hybrid option that meets all of your wants and needs in the bedroom (the silkiness of silicone plus the versatility of water). No matter how your skin reacts to certain ingredients, there’s an edible flavors re that’ll make it easy to lube up and feel nothing but pleasure.

Liquid vs. gel: Which consistency works best?

When it comes to choosing the best lube for you and your lover, it’s all about personal preference.

An option like Wet® Water Based Premium Lubricant™ has a gel-like consistency due to its industry-leading silicone that leaves the skin feeling smooth, not sticky. A liquid-based option like Wet® Naturals® is a bit more gentle, using water to achieve wetness, which is perfect for someone with sensitive skin.

It’s also important to consider certain types of lube for certain types of sex. Since water-based lubes are water-soluble, they dissolve quickly. That means you need to reapply often if you plan on having a long, hefty sex sesh. Silicone lube holds up better for those long passionate nights.

Lube and baby-making: which works best?

Want to get a little kinky while trying to get pregnant? There’s actually lube that can make this special occasion more thrilling and successful.

Today, various lubes available are sperm-friendly, paraben-free, glycerin-free and Ph-balanced, which are perfect for conceiving. Additives in certain lubes can actually impact the sperm’s ability to get to the egg and successfully reproduce.

An option like Wet® Organics™ may be perfect if you’re ready to grow your family.

By contrast, if you’re trying to avoid pregnancy, lubes that are recommended while using condoms are a must. For example, using something like coconut oil may be something to exclude from your choices. While it’s a great option for the slippery stuff, it’s likely to stain your sheets and can even lead to condom breakage. Keep this in mind before your load on this natural tropical lotion (or use any other oil-based lube, for that matter)

Applying lube: Don’t put much thought into it

If you picked out your favorite option, planned a steamy night with your partner and are basically counting down the minutes until you drop your pants, don’t forget to read the lube directions. The last thing you want to do is not use enough or place it in the wrong area pre-penetration.

“As a rule, put one dollop on surface A (penis, fingers, dildo, etc.) and one dollop on surface B (anus, vagina, etc.),” suggested McDevitt to Health magazine.

In short: A little for you and a little for your partner should get the job done just fine. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t go wild with the stuff. For some, the more the better. If lube seems to be the missing piece of the puzzle to getting you and your partner off, keep it coming — pun definitely intended.

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