Mamaloopcom review on Wet Lubricants – October 2nd, 2009

When a friend of mine first told me about the WET lubricant brand of personal lubricants my initial response was aren’t all personal lubricants wet?

However, now that I have had a chance to experiment with and actually experience the pleasure of using several different WET lubricants I must say that all personal lubricants might be wet but the WET’s line of personal lubricants are simply amazing.

In this article, we will review the different sexual lubricants that the WET brand offers and the types of sexual activities that usually go best with that particular style of sexual lube.

WET Platinum Premium lubricant is guaranteed to be never sticky and is their longest lasting formula. Since it is a 100% silicone based formula this is going to be your sexual lube of choice for “water activities” such as sex in the bath, shower, or spa. It’s also great for giving a body massage and skin conditioning. As with most of their line of personal lubricants it is also latex friendly which means that it is condom compatible during those times when practicing safe sex is very important.

Next up is WET Naturals which is their Glycerin and Paraben free lubricant that was formulated especially for women by women. WET Naturals was designed to enhance a woman’s natural moisture which means this is the perfect sexual lubricant for those with sensitive skin or suffering from vaginal dryness.

Finally, we have WET Original Gel lubricant and WET Light liquid lubricant which is a thinner, lighter, liquid version of WET Original.

WET Original Gel lubricant has essentially been the industry standard for personal lubricants for 20 years. It is a water based, gentle, odorless, colorless, greaseless, and non-staining sexual lubricant that is a favorite for those who prefer a more viscous, gel like lubricant that is condom compatible.

Overall, in terms of quality and performance the WET brand of personal lubricants are great, however has created several different personal lubricants that sexual couples everywhere are beginning to discover offer a much better solution and experience to their sexual needs.

The one sexual person lubricant that women are in love with the most that is Carrageenan All Natural Personal Lubricant which not only enhances your sexual experience but was designed in a way that makes it really simple and easy to use.