A Lube for Every Diet

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Sex is good for your health—it’s a natural immunity-booster, painkiller, and anti-ager. So why shouldn’t your personal lubricant be just as good for you? A new crop of products are stepping up to cater to your gluten insensitivity, your strict vegan diet, or your preference for all things organic.

Personal lubricants aren’t just for the sexually adventurous. In fact, once estrogen production starts to slow down prior to menopause, experiencing vaginal dryness is common, says Mary Jane Minkin, MD, a clinical professor of obstetrics, gynecology, and reproductive sciences at Yale University’s School of Medicine. After you’ve hit that mark, using a personal lubricant can help you keep your sex life healthy, year after year.

However, whether or not you match your lubricant to your diet isn’t a make-or-break health concern. “The amount that’s going to be absorbed or ingested during sexual activity is nothing to be concerned about, unless you get an anaphylactic reaction to a certain substance,” Dr. Minkin says. “But if you’re using it for oral sexual activity, you’re obviously going to want to use something you’re comfortable with.” Dr. Minkin advises testing a small patch of skin before using any new product, and with a menu like this, you’re sure to find one you feel good about.

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