Lifting weights boosts sex drive


Pumping iron can pump up your libido.

That’s according to a poll conducted by a U.S. lubricant firm that found working out proves to be an aphrodisiac for two out of three gym-goers.

Here are some of the details from a PR rep for Wet:

In a recent survey by Wet®, the best-selling line of personal lubricants, more than 67% of respondents said that a workout noticeably increases their sex drive.

And more than 71% of people admitted to scoping out hotties at the gym.

Additional results include:

• More than 61% of respondents prefer to work out with a buddy. Of those, more than 58% like to exercise with a romantic interest.

• Almost 40% of people are motivated to exercise because being in shape makes them feel attractive, while more than 16% of people admitted to working out because it increases their sexual stamina.

• Those who aren’t gym buffs need not fret — more than 86% of survey respondents said they would date someone who doesn’t work out.

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