Jersey Shore boys would get turned down by most fans, survey finds

jerseyshore – 10.054.2010

The Jersey Shore stars might talk a big game on their hit reality tv show, but according to a new survey most fans would pass up the “Smash Room” if it meant sharing it with one of the guidos. The poll by Wet found 80% of those polled would not sleep with any of the Jersey Shore boys knowing their “antics and attitudes toward women.”

Forget smushing, a majority of those asked (57%) would curb their sexual behavior if they knew they were being filmed for a reality show. So while the The Situation and Co. can GTL all they want, 60% of those polled would be embarrassed to introduce one of the Jersey Shore roommates to friends and family as their boyfriend or girlfriend. The survey also found 56% of people would not be comfortable with their long-term boyfriend or girlfriend being on a reality show such as Jersey Shore, Big Brother or Real World. That being said, more than one third of respondents have dreamed of finding fame on reality TV.

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