I Had Secret Sex With My Frenemy’s Crush


I have this friend, Jane (names have been changed), who is really condescending-especially when it comes to men. She constantly puts me down in front of cute guys and even does this thing where she’ll see a lame looking-looking dude and say to me, “He’s so your type. You should totally go for him.” Ugh.

Anyway, last summer, Jane and I and a bunch of our friends decided to rent a beach house together for a week. Jane also invited her crush, Matt, with whom she was completely obsessed. She spent an entire week shopping for skimpy bikinis and cute outfits to wear to seduce him…and she also made sure to tell me, with a faux sympathetic smile, “Maybe someone at the house will like you too.”

Well, turns out, she was right. As soon as we got to the rental, Jane introduced me to matt. He was insanely gorgeous-with shaggy blond hair and big, blue eyes-and I swear on my life, we were instantly attracted to each other. Matt started flirting with me right away, asking me tons of questions and being all smiley. Jane obviously noticed, because when he left the room, she asked, “Why is he talking to you so much?” Like she couldn’t even fathom the idea that a guy would choose me over her.

That was my “eff you” moment. I’d had it with Jane’s bitchy, superior attitude. I decided right then and there that even though she was so into Matt, I’d go for him. So for the next couple of days, I got my flirt on with Matt whenever Jane wasn’t around-we put sunscreen on each other’s back and splashed around in the surf. Finally, after two days of unapologetic flirting, Matt kissed me in the basement of the beach house. I told him then that we had to keep our thing private, because Jane was into him. He said he didn’t want Jane. He wanted me. I couldn’t help but gloat-not just because I wanted to jump him, but also because I was sticking it to Jane.

Matt and I secretly hooked for the rest of our vacation. We snuck out to the beach every night to get it on after everyone else had gone to sleep (since we were in different rooms, we’d text each other to plot where we’d meet up). And the fact that we had to act normal around the others during the day made our moonlight sessions even sexier.

I never felt bad about stealing Jane’s crush, and she didn’t even find out about our romps. In fact, at the end of our stay, Jane went on about how awful and lame Matt turned out to be…She was obviously too proud to admit that she couldn’t reel him in. And Matt and I decided to keep our relationship what it was: the sexiest summer fling ever.