Hot Summer, Hotter Nights

With all the hot weather, there is bound to be frisky activity under water…here are just some useful tips to think about on these hot & steamy nights!

1. Underwater Sex
When getting it on underwater, your own natural lubrication washes away and that increases the chance of getting tiny tears in your vagina as the thrusting motion goes on.
Having vaginal abrasions makes you vulnerable to getting infections as well as STD’s. Using a condom under water isn’t in your best interest, chlorine + the friction from a lack of lubrication can cause the latex to break. With out a condom, there’s a chance for pregnancy & STD’s.
With the condom breaking AND then vaginal tears = not a sexy time.
Your best bet is to use a silicone lubricant, such as Wet Platinum

a little bit of a silicone lube applied prior to entering the water is going to eliminate the lack of your own body’s secretions and most silicone lubricants are latex safe. Silicone has a very similar consistency to oil. Oil and water doesn’t mix, and oil doesn’t dry out.

2. Sex on the Beach
Yes, it’s romantic and it’s a sexy scene in ‘From Here to Eternity’,

but anyone who has literally had sex on the beach, will say it’s not all that great.
The sand in all sorts of places where it shouldn’t be, is not only uncomfortable, but just unsanitary!
Sand is basically tiny microscopic rocks & minerals, and sand has a ton of bacteria and feces in it too. So needless to say having sex on the sand itself, isn’t safe, but a large blanket type towel underneath you and your partner is the safest way to live out your sexy fantasy.
Leaving your hands to just above the waste fondling, just to be absolutely sure that no sand gets on, or in, your privates.

3. Hot Tub Sex
If it’s your hot tub, GO FOR IT!
Don’t forget the silicone lubricant!
If it’s a public hot tub, I would put the brakes on that idea.
Foot fungi and folliculitis, (inflammation around one or more hair follicles) can be picked up in public hot tubs, the hot temperature of the tub makes it easier for germs to stay alive.
If you insist on hot tubs, try to observe that not too many strangers are hopping in and out of the hot tub. Shower right after the hot tub, maybe even take your romp to the shower instead of the hot tub.

As long as you stay informed and approach with caution, have a ton of safe & exciting sex!