Got Sexercise? Five Sexy Fitness Facts


This week is all about loving yo’self, but we’d be remiss not to mention a few fun frisky fitness facts about getting your sexy on—be it with yourself or with someone else. So read on for how sex and fitness sort-of, kind-of go hand in hand!

5 Sexy Fitness Facts

1. Working out increases your sex drive. According to a recent survey by Wet (a line of personal lubricants), more than 67 percent of respondents said that a workout noticeably increases their sex drive.

2. People go to the gym to check each other out. Like it or not, the dudes at the gym are probably checking you out. According to the same study, more than 71 percent of people admitted to scoping out hotties at the gym.

3. Most of us like to work out with a romantic interest. In fact, more than 61 percent of survey respondents prefer to work out with a buddy. And of those, more than 58 percent like to exercise with a romantic interest. We like to say: Couples who work out together stay together! Or at least are both healthier.

4. Exercise makes us feel more attractive—and do better in the sack. Almost 40 percent of people are motivated to exercise because being in shape makes them feel attractive, while more than 16 percent of people admitted to working out because it increases their sexual stamina.

5. Fit people don’t just date fit people. Those who aren’t gym rats need not fret, according to the survey. More than 86 percent of survey respondents said they would date someone who doesn’t work out.

Do any of these sexy fitness facts and survey results ring true for you?

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Article by Fit Bottomed Girls