There's something about the holidays that triggers our sentimentality for love and sex. The cold weather, rom-coms, festive cocktails or our friends and relatives doing all sorts of impulsive things. In fact, according to the New York Times, the holidays are the most popular time of year to get busy.

There are a few theories as to why this could be. Maybe we have more time off that can be filled with sexy time, maybe being surrounded by glittery parties dressed to impress gets us heated, or maybe it's the cold drawing us to a warm bed with a new friend or favorite partner.

No matter if you need a de-stress quickie or if that Netflix movie just really did it for you, the holidays are a perfect time to fulfill those sexual desires. Here are some great ways to celebrate you sex life during this holiday season - a sexy holiday wish list, just for you.

Give a gift sure to delight

Many couples struggle with getting their partners the perfect gift. There's no shame in getting something that's a sure thing and what's more sure than something that aims to please? Entice your partner with some playful exploration. WET Hybrid Lube is a popular choice for couples. Let your partner know it's time to open up that special gift of sex.

It's not cheating with this holiday sweet treat

You've finished cookies, and you are full on fudge, but you still want to indulge…we know just the thing guaranteed to satisfy – Wet Flavored Lubes. It's the perfect Delicious Oral sweet treat to end the night or start the morning with. Wet Flavored Lubes come in a variety of flavors, including Wet Strawberry, Wet Watermelon, Wet Cupcake, Wet Whipped Cream and more. So good you'll want seconds.

The best holiday toys run on batteries

You're back home for the holidays and surprise, you are stuck in your childhood bedroom. But now you're all grown up and it's time to reclaim your space. Here's what you do to make things as exciting and smooth as possible, you grab your favorite Wet Lube and your new holiday toy and create new sexual memories to treasure.

Put someone special on your holiday TODO list!

The holidays can be stressful, so much to do. This year add a special someone to your TODO list, there's nothing that takes the pressure off like some physical exertion. Enjoy your favorite sex fantasy with WET Tingling lube and let that stress slip away. You will alleviate those anxieties and feel a sense of satisfaction so you can focus on celebrating the rest of your Holidays.

Take a break from wrapping gifts and unwrap someone exciting!

Wrapping gifts seems to be never ending task during peak holiday season. It can get monotonous, so why not break it up a little. After you've finished wrapping, you can unwrap each other and get to it with Wet Naturally Lube for ultimate satisfaction and heightened play time.

Baby it's cold outside. Let's heat each other up on the road

Get ready for your holiday road trip, its frosty outside and warming each other is a necessity. With Wet Delicious Oral Play Strawberry, you can have a fun treat before the events start. And, since the lube is water based, it's an easy clean-up - no need to risk being charged for a mess if you're driving a rental car. And, if you're flying for the holidays, the Wet Lubricants come in handy 1oz. travel sizes.

Holiday water play. Yes please!

If you're going to be on a getaway, why not make it a true holiday? A hotel tub/shower can be such a thrilling place to enjoy your time away from home. Sex in the water can get tricky though, since water wicks away our natural lubricants. Lucky for you, Wet Uranus Silicone Lube is the perfect solution. With the silicone based formula, it will keep you wet and ready to go.

No matter the reason, tis the season to JUST ADD SEX. Wet lubes can make the holidays all the more magical. Don't be shy and grab some lube before you get busy, there's tradition to be upheld, after all!

décembre 01, 2023