Flavored lubes: Options, Preferences and Explanations

All of you folks out there reading this: Did you ever have one of those classes or assemblies during which someone either reluctantly or weirdly over-enthusiastically (not much middle ground here) explained the basics of sexual education? Like how to apply a condom by rolling it onto a banana and all that jazz? (Don’t all raise your hands at once.) Well, anyway, the author of this blog post definitely had such an experience. In this particular instance, flavored condoms were involved. Yep. Seriously. As awkward as a lot of the assembly was otherwise, this made for an exciting novelty. 

Flash-forward to at least 15 years later, and here I am talking about flavored lube — and it has come leaps and bounds since then, to say the least. Understandably, you might be at least a little bit skeptical.Still, the formulas in Wet’s Desserts and Fun Flavors water-based sexual lubricants make for an remarkable, multi-sensual sexual experience. 

How does flavored lube really work?

As initially odd as flavored sexual lubricant might sound, anyone who’s used lube before won’t be too surprised by the following explanation. (If by chance you are brand-new to lube, you might want to brush up on the essentials by checking out the comprehensive guide that our experts put together, and then double back here.)

Moving on: Flavored lubes are often water-based. The remaining ingredients are typically flavorings — everything from whipped cream and strawberry to creme brulee and salted caramel — plus some sucralose for sugar-free sweetness, and pentylene glycol, cellulose, and glycerin for consistency (so it serves its primary purpose as a sexual lubricant). But the lubes don’t have a chemical or bitter aftertaste. What’s listed on the bottle is exactly what you get with Wet flavored lubricants.

Why use flavored lube?

The simplest way to describe the appeal of flavored lube is this: You and your partner put it on, and it tastes damn good — and then the sex you have with it is even better than that taste. 

But the key reason, as you might expect, is oral sex in all its forms: fellatio, cunnilingus, and analingus (the supposed delight of millennials, though the writer of this post, as a millennial, is fairly certain their generation didn’t invent it). Flavored lube adds a dimension of intensity and sensuality to oral that’s uniquely electrifying, even if it isn’t always your favorite part of sex (or your partner’s). And it’s not restricted to oral: Nipple play gets even better when enhanced with your favorite flavors, as does any other aspect of foreplay that involves licking or kissing both of your favorite spots. 

Is it safe to use flavored lube?

Just to be perfectly clear, yes. Flavored lube from Wet is perfectly safe to use and absolutely delicious. 

The reason why these lubes are safe is because they’re water-based. Of the various types of sexual lubricant on the market, H₂O is easily the safest primary ingredient to swallow. (Not that you should be guzzling the stuff, of course, but having at least some of it go down the hatch is unavoidable, for obvious reasons, when dealing with flavored lube.)

By contrast, although silicone-based lube is technically safe to consume, because it will just pass out of the body without being absorbed, it’s … not exactly a flavor you want filling your mouth. As for oil lubes? Forget it. Natural though some of them may be (or at least claim to be), few things on this earth will make the taste of oil palatable on the tongue, no matter if the flavor surrounding it is coconut or castor.

What flavors of lube are there?  

Generally, the flavors of sexual lubricant you’ll find have been formulated to satisfy buyers with a sweet tooth — which should cover just about everyone interested in trying it. (Savory and sour flavors have many useful applications, but sex and foreplay are not typically among them … though you’re certainly free to improvise if you want!)

Flavored lube from Wet is available in two broad taste categories: fruit and dessert flavorings. They break down as follows:

Fruit flavors

  • First, the fruit flavored gel lubricants, made according to the formula we detailed earlier (water, flavoring, sucralose, potassium sorbate, glycerin, pentylene glycol, and cellulose). You can get these hypoallergenic lubes in Sexy Strawberry, Poppin’ Cherry, Juicy Watermelon, Tropical Explosion, and Passion Punch.
  • Then there’s our 4-in-1 lubricant. It works just as effectively to give your partner a sensual massage as it does when you’re lubing yourselves up. Additionally, it not only packs a delectable punch taste-wise — available in the fruit flavors listed above — but also gives off a warming sensation: first gentle, then more intense as you get into the rhythms of foreplay and sex. While based in glycerin rather than water, our 4-in-1 lube is still water-soluble and totally safe no matter how you put it to use.

Dessert any time of the day

  • For those who are more partial to the tastes of cake, chocolate, and pastries, there’s our Desserts line. These varieties have the same formula and long-lasting quality of Wet’s fruit lubes, but in flavors like Whipped Cream, Creme Brulee, Frosted Cupcake, Salted Caramel, and Bananas Foster.

  • Warming Desserts, meanwhile, offers an intense, heated sensation (in more ways than one) but in even more decadent dessert flavors: Fresh Delicious Donuts, Slow-Baked Hazelnut Souffle, Homemade Cinnamon Roll, Oven-Baked Apple Pie a la Mode, and Baked Gooey Chocolate Chip Cookie. Like their fruit counterparts, these warming lubes also make for an excellently sexy massage lotion. 

Take a peek at our catalog today and bring yourself closer to sweet ecstasy than anything you’ve imagined before.