Why do people use Wet® products?

Wet® products are formulated to enhance your personal pleasure and comfort. Wet® products help reduce the friction associated with intercourse, thus enhancing the pleasure.

What makes Wet® better than other brands?

All Wet® products are manufactured to stringent quality standards. Our Wet® Lubricants are clear, colorless, stain-free*, and sugar free. Wet® formulas last longer than other leading brands for maximum value and endless pleasure! *Silicone formulas may stain.

Are Wet® products safe to use with condoms?

The FDA has accepted Wet® Light®, Wet® Platinum®, and Wet® Uranus™ Silicone-Based as 510(k) medical devices for use with condoms. All Wet® Products are latex friendly. Note: Wet’s oil based products should never be used to lubricate condoms.

Do Wet® products contain spermicides? Do they contain Nonoxynol 9?

Wet® was the first manufacturer to remove Nonoxynol-9 from all of its products, based on recommendations from the CDC. As a result of our responsible actions, most lubricants no longer contain Nonoxynol-9.

Which products may be used for intercourse?

Wet® Light®, Wet® Platinum®, and Wet® Uranus™ Silicone-Based are accepted by the FDA as a 510(k) medical device for use with condoms.

Are oil-based products safe to use for intercourse?

Oil-based products should never be used with condoms because they can degrade latex and lead to breakage.

Are Wet® products edible?

Each of Wet’s water-based formulas is clear, colorless, sugar free, stain free* and harmless if ingested, but not recommended to consume as you would a food product. *Silicone formulas may stain.

Can Wet® products ease the discomfort of personal dryness?

Yes, Wet® products may be used to supplement personal moisture as needed.

I’m a younger woman and have no problems with personal dryness, why would I need Wet® products?

To maximize your pleasure! Wet® products may be used by both partners to enhance all types of play. A small drop ofWet® Light®, Wet® Platinum®, and Wet® Uranus™ Silicone-Based Lubricant added to the inside of the condom tip before unrolling is said to enhance sensation for the wearer. A liberal amount applied to outside of the condom after unrolling eases the friction and irritation associated with intercourse allowing your intimate experiences to last longer. Wet® Flavored™ formulas are a great way to enhance oral play. Wet® Warming™ formulas may be used for a seductive massage and lubricant all in one. Add a little spice to your love life and see why everything is better with Wet!

Are there any animal products or by-products in Wet® Products?

Our water based products are formulated with non-GMO, vegan-friendly, Glycerin, USP, 99.5% (Natural) Kosher which is made from raw materials Palm Kernel Oil/ Palm Oil Products. They are of vegetable origin and natural. No materials of animal or synthetic origin are used. Our massage oils and shave creams are formulated with natural plant oils.

Are all your products safe for both men and women?

Wet® products are safe for both men and women. Should irritation occur, discontinue use immediately and consult your physician.

Can I get a yeast infection by using your lubricant product?

It is always difficult to identify the cause of yeast infection breakouts. Our lubricants do not contain any sugars or other nutritive sources that would contribute to yeast growth and subsequent infections.

What other products are available from Wet®?

Wet® has designed Inttimo® By Wet®, a line of spa quality Massage and Bath Oil as well as a line of Rash-Free, Total Body Shave Creams for him and her as well as our popular Keep It Clean™ Foaming Toy Wash for your favorite adult toys.

Where can I purchase Wet® products?

You can buy wet on out Amazon store www.Amazon.com/wet

Are Wet® lubricants safe to use while pregnant?

Formal studies have not been conducted for this use. Please check with your physician for his or her recommendation.