Examinercom Review our Wet Naturals

Sarah Estrella, 8.10.09

A few weeks ago I reviewed the Wet Gellee lubricant as the first installment of of my new Sexy Lubes, Lotions & Potions review feature. Jelly lubes have their advantages, especially if you’re playing with some toys in your sex play, because they mostly stay put and don’t drip all over the place, but my partner and I are picky about ingredients and I wasn’t loving the sucralose in both the Kiwi Strawberry flavored and the Original Gellee I reviewed.

Never fear: As soon as I published my review, the folks at Wet sent over samples much more to my liking from the Wet Naturalsline. My partner and I are loving both the Beautifully Bare and Silky Supreme lubes from the Wet Naturals line, and there’s a Sensual Strawberry lube in the line, too, for those of you more interested in flavored lubes than we are.

Purists are going to love the Beautifully Bare in particular: It’s water-based, plays nice with condoms, is odorless and colorless, and also glycerin free, paraben free, sugar free, greaseless, and non-staining. My partner and I read the ingredients of the food we buy pretty closely, and we’re learning to look even closer at products we plan on using on during lovemaking. For good measure, the Wet Naturals products are also pH balanced for women, gentle on sensitive skin, and enriched with “soothing botanicals, antioxidants, vitamins, and aloe vera.” Before I started reviewing sexy products here at Examiner.com, my lube of choice was Aqua Lube Personal Lubricant (partly because they carry it at Whole Foods, where my partner and I also buy our condom of choice, the Kimono Ultra-Thin), but it does have glycerin as an ingredient, which can aggravate an existing yeast infections if you have one, and possibly cause infection. (For a great guide to lube ingredients, check out The Green Project: Being a Slick Consumer atSexis Magazine, EdenFantasys.com)

Although my partner and I generally prefer water-based lubes, we’re actually loving the silcone-based Silky Supreme even more than the Beautifully Bare: It really does feel silky smooth, and it lasts impossibly long. As advertised, it also holds up underwater, an advantage over any water-based lube in that department: We tested it in the shower to be sure. It also feels great for massage, a handy dual purpose if your partner ends up with some extra on his or her hands. It’s enriched with Vitamin #E and, like all of the products in the Wet Naturals line, it’s condom-compatible, glycerine- paraben- and sugar-free.

Stay tuned for future Sexy Lotions & Potions reviews — I have some organic lubes from another great company queued up for my next review — but for now the Wet Naturals are my favorite lube of any I’ve ever tried, and I’d recommend trying both the Silky Supreme and the Beautifully Bare.

Click the image at right for The Green Project at Sexis Magazine. In addition to a great recent article on the various chemicals and other ingredients used in some lubes, The Green Project has also recently covered the environmental and body impact of some materials used in sex toys and other adult products.