Examinercom Review our Wet Gellee Lubricant

Sarah Estrella, 7.20.09Gelleetube_OG6oz

Now that I’ve been reviewing some sexy toys and cool props for couples, I’ve been delighted to hear from some other sexy companies working to help couples improve their sex lives.

This week my partner and I reviewed sample products from Wet Personal Lubricants, two water-based jelly lubes from the new Wet Gellee line released this Spring. We tried Wet Gellee Original and Wet Gellee Kiwi-Strawberry.

Jelly lubes like the Wet Gellee are great for play with toys because they mostly stay put, and tend to make less of a mess than liquids and gels because they don’t drip all over your sheets. These products have the added bonus of being stain-free, sugar-free, and non-sticky.

The folks at Wet sent samples of both the non-scented Original Gellee and the Kiwi-Strawberry Gellee. As a general rule, I prefer non-scented products in the bedroom and on my skin, particularly in the nether regions, but if you’re planning on putting your face somewhere you’d prefer smelled and tasted more like candy, then the scented version does have its charms. Both products were a lot of fun, and I’d recommend any couple (or individual; lubes are great for solo play too) try a variety of different lubricants to learn more about what you like.

Last week, SexIs Magazine published an in-depth guide to the ingredients in some lubricant products as part of its ongoing Green Project — The Green Project: Being a slick consumer — and at a cursory glance the ingredients in Wet Gellee check out pretty well, unless you or your partner has allergic reaction to sucralose (the secret behind that kiwi-strawberry scent, but also included in the Original; both taste sweet if you end up with some on your tongue). If you’re picky about the ingredients in your lube (my partner and I both are) you might also want to try the Wet Naturals line.

Like all of the products by Wet intended for vaginal, anal, or oral use, Wet Gellee complies with FDA Medical Device regulations, which is reassuring, and is made in the USA at Trigg Laboratories in Valencia, CA. Our review of the products (we preferred the Original) found that they do the job of lubricating, and lasting, quite nicely, without any of the irritation that sometimes comes with trying out a new lube. We tried them without and without toys, and with condoms, and found them perfectly enjoyable.

To find a store near you that carries these products — I always recommend supporting your local independent sex shop or boutique whenever possible — check www.stayswetlonger.com. Wet products are also frequently available at pharmacies like CVS and Walgreens, and at novelty shops like Spencer’s Gifts.

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