Every Question You’ve Ever Had About Sexual Lubricant Answered

LUBE. I’m strongly in favor of it. I love how it makes sex easier, tastes great (the flavored ones, anyway), and even can be made with hemp. But oh my god – there are a lot of questions out there about personal lubricant. If you still have a question about something we missed, let us know here.

After scouring the internet for any and all lube-related questions people have thrown out there (and there are a lot of weird ones), we give you the definitive guide to every question you’ve ever had about sexual lubricant.

The questions and answers below are split into several different sections:

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Lube Alternatives

These questions are largely: can [insert any liquid here] be used as a lubricant? Largely, the answer is… just don’t. We know you’re just googling can cooking oil be used as a lubricant because you’re horny and that’s the only thing around, but just do yourself a favor by driving to your neighborhood drugstore and get some Wet.

Is it a bad idea to use saliva as a sexual lubricant?

Very. While spit will make whatever it’s touching more slippery at first, it’s not going to last long. It might get you in the door, but that’s about it.

Can you use hand lotion as lube?

I mean, yeah, we’ve seen it in all the coming of age tv shows and movies – in-fact, “Nivea hand lotion used as lube” is a frequent Google search.. But it’s not the safest option; the ingredients are designed to moisturize your hands, not your genitals. Not to mention, you know what lotion is also designed to do? Dry. Treat yourself with the care you deserve and get some long-lasting lube.

Are eye drops safe to use as a lubricant for masturbation?

Please. Don’t. Next?

Can you use castor oil as a lube on a dildo for masturbating?

Aaaahhh… no… please… don’t…

Is it absolutely safe to use baby oil to masturbate?

All you parents out there, I commend you for taking a little you-time to stay sane, but just get some lube. While baby oil might technically work, just… don’t…

How to use olive oil as a lubricant for intercourse?

Save the olive oil for the pasta, ladies and gents. I don’t want to see olive oil on my hook up’s nightstand.


Would you use honey as a sexual lubricant?

You would not use honey as a sexual lubricant. You would however (and possibly even should) lick honey off of your partner. Or have them do the licking. Licker or lickee – take your pick.


Is aloe vera gel good for lubrication?

Not by itself! Aloe vera is the base ingredient in both our Wet® Hemptation™ Lubricant, giving you a more au naturale or one with nature vibe. But no, don’t use aloe vera by itself for lube.


What should I use as lube, water or liquid soap (shower gel)?

I’ll take none of the above, thanks. Lubricant is non-sticky and lasts long, two things together that neither water or liquid soap can claim to be.


Lube makes shower play so much easier! We recommend using silicone-based lube for the shower, as it’s less sticky and longer lasting compared to water-based lube.


Can glycerin cream be used instead of lubricant for sex?

Similar to aloe vera question above, glycerin is a good ingredient in personal lubricant, but not by itself.


What jelly is good for anal sex?

The writer of this blog post had no idea what the asker meant by “jelly” – like, what are you, rubbing jelly on your junk before going to town?

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So apparently sex jellies were popular before modern day lubricant became widly available. So, to this question from 70’s pornos: get with the times, and get some lube.


Is it safe to use mayo as lube?

WOW. Sex Ed has failed us. Let’s hope whoever typed this question into Google just decided to use that mayo on a turkey sandwich instead.


Sex Safety

Making sure what’s going to be spread on you or put inside of you is safe and harmless is incredibly important. Welcome to the LubeMD section of this blog post.


Can I use silicone lube on a 100% silicone dildo?

No. When liquid silicone comes in contact with solid silicone, it actually deteriorates the surface, ruining the toy altogether. Use water lube instead! It won’t ruin you dildos but still is nice and slippery.


Is lubricant a must on female virgins?

Hats off to you for doing your research for your first time, I more or less just clumsily dove in. There’s a lot that goes in to your first time, likely causing you to feel more anxious and stressed out, not at all helping your body properly lubricate itself. Lubricant takes those worries away, so you can just focus on that big moment.


If you have sex without lube, does it hurt that bad?

Natural lubrication differs from person to person, so it really depends on if and how much lube you need. If you don’t get as wet as much as you’d like, or feel like your stress could be getting in the way of your pleasure, then invest in some good lube – you’ll love it.


What condoms are safe with oil based lubricant?

Honestly, most condoms are not. Oil is more likely to rip and tear latex and other common types of condoms, so be sure to check the box if you’re dead-set on going the oil route. If you are, look for lambskin condoms, as they’d be your best bet.


What type of lube should I use with my silicone doll?

As with any silicone pleasure product, you shouldn’t use it with silicone lubricant. Pair it with water based lubricants instead, or even aloe, or glycerin, and they won’t ruin the toy at all.


You could use a hybrid based lube (part silicone, part water), but just make sure you clean it out well afterwards.


Can HIV be spread by water-based lube?

No. Lube is fun and safe, but be sure to properly protect yourself and practice safe sex with condoms!


How to have safe unprotected sex?

That doesn’t add up. You don’t. If you think she’s spunky, cover your monkey.


What is the best way to lube your butt for your butt plugs?

Well, you want your anal lube to be non-sticky, last long, and make you feel comfortable. We highly recommend Wet® Uranus™ Silicone Anal Lubricant™ to knock you out of this world.


What are some good and safe sex lubricants?

When picking the lubricant that’s right for you, do your homework. Look at the certifications a lubricant has earned. For instance, just a few of those earned by Wet include:

  • ISO Certified: Certifying that our manufacturing process is upheld to the high standards of standardization and quality assurance.
  • FDA Cleared: Demonstrating that a medical device is “substantially equivalent” to another similar product.
  • FDA Compliant: Ensuring our products comply with the regulations as stated by the Food and Drug Administration.


Is it safe to lick the lubricant on condoms?

Lick it up, baby. Lick it up.

If it’s an edible lubricant, then lick it clean. Lots of people actually prefer an edible lubricant on condoms to cover up that weird, rubbery taste. 

But be sure to check the bottle to be sure that ingesting that specific lube is safe.

Is massage oil safe for the vagina?

It’s very hit-or-miss with massage oil as vaginal lubricant, but they’re also just not designed for that. Be safe- and get yourself some lube.


Anal Sex

Ah, yes, the butt. For some, it’s the Forbidden Forest, the Devil’s Hideaway, or the Raging Thunder from Down Under. For others, it’s just a nice little beach they like to visit. Whatever your perspective on anal play is, lube will help you ease into it.


Is there a good substitute for anal lube?

No. Don’t skimp on good quality lube, you will absolutely hate yourself for it later.


Is petroleum jelly safe for lubrication during sex?

It kinda does the opposite of what you want it to do. Petroleum is naturally sticky, so it’s good for putting stuff up there, but not so much for getting it out.


Can butter be used for anal sex?

Butter belongs in potatoes, not buttholes.


What kind of lube is best for anal sex?

Silicone lubricant is the king of anal, and it’s not even close. It’s non-sticky, silky smooth, and lasts way longer than water based lubes. In case you’re a little concerned about silicone, then we recommend using a hybrid formula (part silicone, part water) or organics.


Is vaseline a good lubricant for anal sex?

So the thing is… no, absolutely not. *cringe*


Can I use wallpaper glue as an anal lube?

You know those times when you’re just really in the mood for anal but you don’t have any lube on you, and the only other liquid in your entire house is *looks around* wallpaper glue?


Yeah, I was hoping you didn’t. But if that ever does end up being you, step away from the glue, buddy.


Is there a way to have anal sex without lubricant?

Nope. The butt is dry and does not lubricate itself, so having something slide in and out of that would be… excruciating.


Even if you’re in a rush, always remember:

There's always time for lubricant!

What can I use for anal lubrication that doesn’t hurt?

Anal lube is one of those products you don’t want to buy just any kind of – like sushi or tattoos. The most important factors to keep in mind when considering anal lubricant are safety credentials and extensive testing.


For all anal explorers ranging from tourists to tour guides, we proudly recommend Wet® Uranus™ Silicone Anal Lubricant™

Can coconut oil be used for anal sex?

Coconut oil was one of those lube substitutes people used before personal lubricant became more widely available, so there’s no reason to still be using it today.


Side note here, you should especially not be using coconut oil (or any kind of oil, really) for anal sex if you’re using condoms, as the oil will actually cause the condom to break.

Can I use food oil for anal masturbation?

Not if you claim to be a responsible adult.


Sexual Pleasure & Masturbation

In short, lube makes all kinds of sex better. There’s also a lot going into what makes certain lube formulas better than others, and why you should really pay more attention to self-care.

Is using lubes good while masturbating?

Oh baby. Don’t even get me started. Lube takes your self-care nights from good to great. Masturbation is already pretty great, lubricant just makes it even better.


The only thing I’d add here is there is a bit of a difference in terms of lube preference between genders. Men prefer to heat things up with a warming lubricant while women tend to prefer a cooling sensation down below.


What are the best warming and/or tingling personal lubricants?

Not to be completely biased here, but Wet’s warming lubricants are the best around. The intensity depends on the amount of moisture on your skin, and you can make it even warmer by spreading it around on your skin and blowing on it (which is really fun to feel).


Our warming lubricants are entirely safe, too. Our Wet® Warming™ Premium Heating Lubricant™ is made of glycerin and Vitamin E, and has absolutely no sugar, which means it’s safe to eat and put inside yourself.


What are the best personal lubricants for vaginal intercourse?

Personal preference has a lot to do with picking out a lubricant that’s right for you. Start by experimenting with different formulas and deciding what you like best.


Silicone based lubes are the least sticky and longest lasting, while water based lubes are easier to clean off and don’t have silicone (if that’s what you prefer), and then you have Hybrid lubes which combine elements of both!


Beyond that, there are a ton of unique lubes out there that bring different sensations to the bedroom. Get out there and explore!


Are lubes for general lubrication or erotic massage?

The proper lubricant could certainly be a good massage oil, but the best ones are warming (really good sensation when being moved around) and flavored (fun to lick).


We highly recommend using something from our Warming Desserts or Fun Flavors lines for an erotic massage.


Do lubricants help in improving the sex life?

Oh, hell yeah. Lubricant makes sex easier, more enjoyable, and allows for more experimentation. Lube up.

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Can I do a hand job by applying Vaseline during sex?

Only if the train has a habit of leaving the station early. Just kidding- Vaseline isn’t nearly as long lasting as lube is, which will help you stay wet and slippery for a much longer time.


Human Body

Largely about how lube works and what it does to the body, these are really questions that should’ve been covered in Health, but better late than never.

Why should women use personal lube?

Because studies have repeatedly shown that using lube in sex leads to more pleasure. Lubricant also helps with issues of dryness, which can be caused by low estrogen levels, menopause, childbirth/breastfeeding, diabetes, and more.

What type of lubrication can help in sex for less pain?

All types! In the end, no matter if it’s base is silicone, water, both, aloe, etc., it’ll get you wet, and wetter is better!

Do women always have lube coming out their vaginas?

Ehhh… no. That’s not how vaginas work. If you’re thinking of discharge, you can read all about that here.


Lube Myths

What’s your favorite misconception you’ve ever heard about your job? Is it that men can’t be nurses? Graphic Design isn’t a “real” job? Reporters are liars? We’ve heard a lot of incredibly misleading statements about lube, but these are just some of our favorites the internet has to offer.

Don’t only old or frigid people need lube?

Rihanna Wagging Finger

Don’t only children need to eat vegetables? Don’t only sunburnt people need to wear sunscreen? Of course not, it’s for everyone. Lube makes any kind of sex better for any kind of person. It’s awesome, and should never be thought of as being just for “other” people.


If some lube is good, more must be better, right?

You’re half right. Some lube is definitely good, but you do want some friction in their so you can actually feel something. Too much lube and the sensation goes away, along with your drive.


Aren’t all lubes the same?

Ingredients and certifications, buddy. Ingredients and certifications. Don’t settle for any old lube that has subpar ingredients and isn’t certified by reputable outside sources.


Do I need lube if my condom is lubricated?

Yes you do. There might not be enough lube, or it could be a bad quality. You know those knock-off toys you used to find at the bottom of cereal boxes? They never were as good as the real thing, were they?


Everything Else

Your standard catch-all miscellaneous category. If we couldn’t fit it anywhere else, we’re sticking it here.

What differentiates a good lubricant with a bad lubricant?

Glad you asked. The answer is: consistency, ingredients, and certifications.


You want your lube to feel like it’s not sticky, smooth, and doesn’t wear out easily. You want to make sure your lube isn’t made up of cheap, harmful ingredients, and that it’s certified by reputable organizations. Just because there’s a lot of lubes out there doesn’t mean there all good. Just look at the cookie aisle.


What are the pros and cons of using water-based lubricant?



  • Can be used with silicone toys
  • Avoids a silicone allergy
  • Washes out easily

  • Doesn’t last as long as silicone-based lubricant
  • Not that good in water

How old do you have to be to buy lube?

Good news! There’s no age restrictions on lube or condoms! I’m hoping the 17 year old who typed this question into Google found that out already then experienced that first awkwardness of handing the cashier a bottle of lube.


How to use lube gel during sex?

Lubes with a more gel-like consistency are your water-based lubes, such as our Wet® Original® Gel Water Based Premium Lubricant™. You’d use them just like you would any other lubricant!


What are the top selling personal lubricants?

Glad you asked! Our Wet® Platinum® Luxury Silicone Lubricant™ is the top selling silicone-based lubricant in North America!


How to buy a water based lubricant?

Our original water-based lubricant is available in all major retailers and pharmacies in the US and Canada.


Do flavored lubes smell good?

It depends on the formula and the brand. Our Cinnamon Roll flavor smells like buns fresh out the oven! ∩(︶▽︶)∩


Do straight people use artificial lube to have vaginal sex?

Yessiree. They love the stuff.

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