Lubricante comestible 4 en 1 con sabor a Passion Punch de Wet Fun

Proveedor 4 In 1 Fun Flavors



  • Warming Lubricant
  • Passion Punch Flavor
  • Washes Away Easily With Warm Water
  • Latex Compatible
  • Made in the USA

Ideal for:

  • Oral
  • Intercourse
  • Massage
  • Solo Play

Usage and Tips:

Looking to try something new with your partner? Use Wet Fun Flavors to create a tasty trail from one erogenous zone to the next, leading your partner to places they'd never thought of, and you've only dreamed of! Not for those with sensitive skin.


Glicerina, sabor/aroma

Passion never tasted so sweet! Fun Flavors Passion Punch Warming Lubricant smells divine, tastes delicious, and warms the skin for a tantalizing twist to the fun. This unique formula heats on contact and gets warmer with motion or air, creating an erotic sensation to share with your lover or enjoy alone. With flavors that remind you of your favorite cocktail, Wet Passion Punch allows for the fun of a holiday romance, without every having to leave home.

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Anthony Shope
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¡El sabor delicioso sabe como si fuera real!

Se lava fácilmente con agua tibia.

¡Sóplalo, se calienta!

Sin azúcar / Sin gluten / Sin parabenos

Fabricado en EE.UU.