It's 7AM and your alarm goes off. Instead of rolling over to hit snooze or scroll on your phone, we have another idea to make you feel more awake. Setting aside some time in the morning to focus on a big 'O' can benefit your life in several ways.  Here are just a few:

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1. It Will Boost Your Mood

During sex, the body releases chemicals such as oxytocin (aka the 'Cuddle Hormone') that promotes positive feelings. If you need a morning pick-me-up, there is no other one like getting frisky. No matter what the rest of your day looks like, sex in the morning will boost your spirits, and get you ready to tackle whatever is ahead.

2. Sex Increases Productivity

Studies show that sex, particularly in the mornings, improves cognitive memory and many report starting their day this way also positively impacts their productivity. If you want to focus more at work or school, making time to have sex in the morning, might be a great way to achieve that. We think there's no harm in trying!

3. It Reduces Stress

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Because of the chemicals that are released when you are going at it, endorphins are released throughout your body that are known to reduce stress. If you're someone who wakes up and immediately worries about your schedule ahead, try replacing your morning yoga with sex or adding sex into the mix! You'll feel more at peace and your body will thank you, too.

4. Intimacy Strengthens Relationships

It's no secret that being in a safe, intimate setting with your partner makes you feel closer to them. However, many couples can get into a rut with their sexual routine, and switching things up may be the answer to this problem. Additionally, if you have kids in the house, morning sex is kid-proof. If they rely on you as their alarm system, work with yourself or your partner in taking up extra time in the morning to focus on each other before waking up the kiddos.

5. Sex Burns Calories

Starting your day off with exercise is correlated to a healthier lifestyle. By having sex in the morning, you'll be able to burn off some extra calories leaving you to feel healthy and more energized for the day ahead. If you want to try a few new positions to get your heart rate really racing, we suggest you pair it with your favorite bottle of lubricant to ensure maximum fun and pleasure.

6. Sex in the AM Caters to Natural Libido Cycles

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Take advantage of the 'morning wood' effect. A medical review by Wendie Trubow, M.D. notes how hormones within both men and women increase overnight. This can be linked to the common occurrence men experience also known as 'Morning Wood'. Because of the naturally high testosterone levels in the morning, take advantage of our body's desires and don't feel guilty or ashamed to indulge a little (or a lot, depending on your schedule).

7. It Won't Mess With Your Sleep Schedule

Sleep is integral to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Anything that can interfere with your rest, should be taken seriously. Because of this, pushing back your bedtime to have sex, while is common, does not have to be the only way to fulfill those desires. Instead, when it's time to sleep, focus on your rest so that you're ready to pounce in the morning. There's no need to sacrifice sleep for sex when you can have both.

8. You'll Be More Present

Before you get caught up in the chaos that is the outside world, starting your day focused on yourself or your partner might be most grounding. Without any other distractions, you will be able to be more present and fully enjoy catering to your partner, or yourself, strengthening your bond. Saving sex to the end of the day might make things more draining after you've already exhausted your energy and emotion. Avoid that by making sex a priority first thing.

9. You'll Metaphorically (And Literally) Glow

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A recent study conducted by Psychological Science links sex with an afterglow in couples. When a couple has frequent sex, the 'afterglow' effect, or lingering positive feelings with your partner, is more likely to occur. This increases couple and marital satisfaction. Additionally, the increase in blood flow to your body that occurs during sex can leave a lasting 'glow' for up to 48 hours. Morning sex might be exactly what you need to boost your energy levels and confidence levels for the day.

10. The More Sex the Better!

Bottom line, is that if you can add in another time to prioritize your sexual well-being, it can have countless positive effects on your physical and mental health. We've discussed in previous articles how sex can be of service to you or your partner if you want to improve your mental state. And in a world that still is present of groups who use sex to shame us or make us feel guilty, we are here to assure you that not only is the desire for sex completely natural and nothing to be ashamed of, but you should make it a priority. And if you're doubting all of this research, tomorrow morning wake up, grab some lube for maximum pleasure and try it for yourself. We can almost guarantee you that it will leave you wanting more.


enero 30, 2024