Sex is no longer a taboo topic. With the culture shifting around sex talk, there is a rise in exploration and experimentation on the way to a thriving sex life. WET Lubes is here to let you in on a little secret - the key to experiencing sexual pleasure is in comfort, and the easiest way to maximize that is using the right personal lube.

According to numerous studies on sex, along with improving mood and our mental well-being, sex proves to have incredible effects on our physical health also. To ensure we reap all the benefits that sex has to offer, WET lube is here to help. Lube is one of the easiest ways to make sex more enjoyable.

Picking the best lube

With all things regarding our bodies, we need to take extra consideration when selecting products that we and/or our partners will be applying. That being said, the type of lube you will want to use will depend on what you are using it for. The right lube for the right situation will help maximize your pleasure.

Water Based Lubricants:

Water based lubricants are a versatile and safe option when it comes to sexual intercourse and self-pleasure. They are safe to use on those silicone toys you keep in your bedside dresser (or your BDSM chamber, there’s no kink shaming here, go off) and have the easiest clean-up. However, you’ll probably want to use a few pumps throughout, since the water can only stay so slippery for so long.

Good for: silicone toys, condoms, white sheets
We recommend: Wet Water Based Sex Lubricant

Silicone Based Lubricants:

Silicone based lubricants are popular for a reason: a little goes a long way. If the goal in your pleasure is longevity, this might be the best option for you. The silicone also has the benefit of lasting longer in water, which makes it perfect for bath and shower sex. Even though it’s a great option for those of us with sensitive skin, silicone based lubricants should be avoided with the use of silicone toys as it can cause deterioration over time.

Good for: shower sex, anal, condoms, sex marathon-ers
We recommend: WET Platinum Luxury Silicone Lubricant; WET Uranus Silicone Based Anal Sex Lubricant

Hybrid Based Lubricants:

Hybrid based lubricants usually contain a mix of both water and silicone ingredients. Think of it as the ‘best of both worlds’ formula. With the silicone in play, it will last you longer than a typical water based lubricant would. And with the water being present, it may be less of a task when it comes to clean up.

Good for: glass toys, latex condoms, butt stuff, bath play
We recommend: Wet Luxury Hybrid Water Silicone Blend Lubricant

Natural Based Lubricants:

Natural based lubricants are formulated partially or wholly from natural biological sources such as aloe plant. Along with providing ease to sexual pleasure, the natural ingredients in these can provide other benefits. Aloe, for example, hydrates and moisturizes the skin, with healing properties that can add an extra layer of calm and relief to that pleasure. Not all natural lubes are formulated the same though, so keep a close eye out to see if it is compatible with any toys or condoms you may be using.

Good for: sex with dedicated partner, self-care, organic-conscious minds
We recommend: Wet Naturally 95% Organic Aloe Vera Based Lube

Nothing wrong with a healthy sexual fun

If you’ve read the above and think maybe a few of these types of lubricants will work for your desires, test them out! Wet also recommends testing them on a small patch of skin or toy before use, but once that is done, make a night (or weekend of it). Grab a variety of lubes and have fun with it. Different positions, locations, toys - whatever floats your boat. You’ll be able to tell what feels best when you try them out solo or with partner(s). And, when you’re really looking to shake things up, we offer a line of flavored lubricants that are destined to add some extra fun to your Delicious Oral Play. Check out Wet flavor varieties today.

Wrapping it up

We hope we’ve answered a few of your wonderings about lube, what it is, and which is best for you. Lube is such a simple way to increase pleasure and desire during a completely natural and proven beneficial act. Now go on and grab some lube so you can brag about your amazing sex life or write about that mind-blowing ‘O’ you just experienced. You have our full support.


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