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At WET® International (Trigg Laboratories) we participate in business practices that furthers the betterment of the planet.

Our goal is to ensure that our facility and products follow and exceed all federal, national, and state environmental standards.

Trigg Laboratories is:

  • Sourcing and partnering with manufacturers that are switching to conscious and sustainable resources for our ingredients

  • Our packaging, bottles, caps, box displays, and even some of our labels are made up of materials that can be recycled

  • Reducing cardboard waste by reusing what we can and recycling the rest

  • Returning metal drums that our materials arrive in

  • Reducing emissions within our entire facility through implementing motion-sensor lights in the warehouse and the offices

  • Ensuring that our manufacturers are using sustainable and eco-friendly raw ingredients

With these changes, WET® is constantly looking to improve. All WET® practices are in compliance with current Good Manufacturing Practices.