Blog Review on Wet


I’m sure many of you have heard that Wet has introduced their first water + silicone lubricant. Synergy.
Synergy comes in two versions, the original formulation, and cool tingle. I received both versions of the lubricant from Wet directly, thanks to the very sweet Bobbie at Trigg Laboratories. She graciously set me up with a very nice variety of their products, of which I have a few more reviews to post before the weeks end. But for right now, let us chat about Wet Synergy.

Synergy pours in a gel consistency, but once put in motion, it does what I like to call… silkify.
It morphs into liquid silkiness, and a little goes a loooooooong way. Yes I just made up a word. If you haven’t noticed I do it often. And without shame. But that’s the best way to describe this lubes morph. Silkify. And a booyah, to those who create their own language for reviews!
The packaging is pleasing to the eye, and is a black cylinder with a flush pop top. Cool tingle has a blue damask graphic scheme, and original Synergy is the magenta. It’s a concentrated latex friendly, hypoallergenic personal lubricant. And guess what? It’s both water based and a silicone lubricant.

…And my partner happens to love it!
He’s completely stoked on the consistency and performance, and he’s a total fan of the tingle factor.  The Synergy Cool Tingle has him all revved up, and I’m inclined to believe, Synergy cool tingle, is possibly his go to masturbation lube.

The man’s used at least half, of the ample 7oz bottle. In just about three weeks. Does that help explain his infatuation with the tingles?

I on the other hand usually do not enjoy cooling products used inside the vagina or anus. But… I did enjoy Synergy cool tingle, when used for clitoral stimulation and nipple play. The cooling is just enough to rev you up but doesn’t burn the sensitive bits. It does tingle a good deal, and smells very nice. Kinda like a peppermint patty.

Mint is one of my favorite scents for personal care products. But only when it’s done right. Wet did it right. The peppermint is not fake or sweet smelling, it smells like peppermint oil that’s commonly used in soap making.  I’d also like to say that it’s an incredibly pleasant and refreshing experience, using a tingly minty lube for clitoral play!

Let’s take a look at the ingredients:
Glycerin, deionized water, dimethiconol, sodium polyacrylate, dimethicone, cyclopentasiloxane, trideceth-6, peg/ppg, pentylene glycol. (pepermint)

Yes Synergy does contain glycerin and some women have been known to have reactions to glycerin lubricants used vaginally. I thought I had a reaction to glycerin. But… Not with Synergy.

Synergy original and cool tingle, are both luxuriously silky lubricants. I did not have to reapply this lubricant during foreplay, and I really like the way it lets my hand glide over my partners penis, and stroke effortlessly, without resistance.

I’ve tried Synergy original both vaginally and anally, and I’m pleased informing you that I had no reaction, at all, to the glycerin. Thank goddess… that would super suck.
I really enjoyed the original formula Synergy for anal. It let my partners penis, and my toys, glide in with out resistance, and never got gummy or sticky. It retained a silicone silky smooth texture. Which is absolutely awesome for anal play!

I did not use this lubricant with any of my silicone toys. Well just because I love my toys, and do not wish any harm to them. I’m curious to see if this lubricant can be used with a silicone toy, but I’m not planning on ruining a perfectly good toy. Especially because I generally like all of my silicone toys. Love even.

I do have to say,  it took about three times of washing with warm water and soap, to get most of the residue off. Most rinsed away, but I felt a tiny bit left on my skin. It wasn’t bad… but it was there, so consider yourself warned. My guy totally whined that it was harder to wash off than regular water based lubricant. And I promised him that I’d add that in the review, so there’s his two cents on the subject. But that also leads me to state that it’s a great shower lube. Synergy keeps you lubricated in the shower like a silicone lube will do.

All in all,  yes you may have to rewash the same body part a few times to rid yourself of the residue, but the performance of this lubricant makes that factor seem a bit trivial. Just ask my partner, he’s used more than half the bottle of Synergy cool tingle in three weeks. That’s some serious dedication if you ask me.

I feel content in bestowing Synergy original and cool tingle a four and a half star rating each. The half mark is simply because some are not able to use glycerin based lubricants vaginally. (And I thought I was one of them. Guess I thought wrong.)

Both, my partner and I agree, Synergy by Wet is pretty flippin awesome, and I’ll bet my last dollar that my handsome guy will be purchasing another bottle of Synergy cool tingle when he’s finished with this one. (Maybe next week or so. ;-p)

Wet Synergy Original and Cool Tingle ~ ★★★★+

Thank you Trigg Laboratories!