AVNcom reviews Wets most successful product!

AVN.com – 1.19.2010


LOS ANGELES—Wet International, manufacturer of one of the world’s best-selling specialty lines of personal lubricants and intimacy products, launched two of the most successful products in its 20-year history—but there seems to be a bit of confusion between the two. Both are intended to enhance a couple’s intimacy, yet in decidedly different ways.

The first release, Wet together Lubricant for Couples, features two 2-ounce bottles of personal lubricants. Wet together for Him is a water-soluble lubricant that gently warms to the touch and builds sensation with motion. Wet together for Her is a soothingly cool, long-lasting silicone-based lubricant.

Jennifer Martsolf, vice president of marketing, explained: “Silicone is not water soluble so when the two formulas meet, skin-on-skin, the glide over each gives an amazingly slick sensation. When used together, it creates an amazing tingling sensation.

“This is a great product for couples seeking an amazing all-around lubricant with added sensation,” she said.

The second release, Wet together Ultimate, features two .5-ounce Foreplay Arousal Gels for Couples. Wet together Ultimate Pleasure Gels for Couples inspires couples to get the blood flowing to the surface of the skin for greater sensation while engaging in important foreplay games like touching, rubbing and exploring intimate areas.

Clitoral Pleasure Gel for Her gently tingles and provides clitoral sensation and potentially greater natural lubrication, while Male Enhancement Gel for Him provides a more pleasurable climax cycle, longer-lasting satisfaction and greater performance.

Martsolf noted, “The Ultimate product is highly concentrated. Each .5-ounce tube contains approximately 45 applications. Only one drop is needed to achieve the desired results. It is important to stress that this is not to be used as a lubricant. It is extremely powerful when used for external foreplay but may be overwhelming if more than one drop is used. One drop for Her should be applied to the clitoris and gently massaged into the tissue. One drop for Him should be applied to the skin just under the base of the head of the penis. This product is perfect for couples seeking an intense boost to kick off their lovemaking. We recommend using Wet Platinum premium lubricant when things really get going.”

Founded in 1989 by Michael Trigg, Trigg Laboratories manufactures premium sexual wellness and consumer healthcare products and is parent company to Wet International, Inc., one of the world’s best-selling specialty lines of personal lubricants and intimacy products. Developed, formulated and packaged at Trigg Laboratories’ 52,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art facility in Valencia, Calif., each of Wet’s 80-plus products are tested to comply with stringent FDA medical device regulations and boast exceptional purity, consistency and comfort levels. Wet is currently available in 62 countries.

For more info, visit WetTogether.com.