4 Secrets of Seduction

4 Secrets to Keep Your Partner Seduced



Wake up, work, eat, sex, sleep, repeat. (If sex is in your daily routine you’re actually pretty lucky!) Life can get routine which can cause relationships to grow stale. When this happens try shaking things up to have your partner guessing. Here are four tips to help keep your S.O. seduced:

1. Selective Attention

It’s all in the details. Pay intense attention to your partner during foreplay and intercourse. If you receive a greater reaction when you do a certain move, make a mental note of it. Many people have sexual quirks they aren’t comfortable verbalizing, so finding out what your partner likes can score you big time brownie points. Be attentive to hints both inside and outside the bedroom.


2. Sacrifice

If your partner communicates to you something they want to try (unless it’s something you’ll have nightmares about) you should try it! Emotions and actions can be contagious. Mirror neurons in our brains can make us mirror the behavior of people around us, especially those we love. Use this to your advantage! If your significant other sees you sacrificing in the sheets and out in the streets they’ll more than likely reciprocate the love!



3. Secrecy

Don’t give it all away too early. In order to keep someone enthralled, try to reveal things slowly over time. Historical French figure Charles de Gaulle stated, “There can be no prestige without mystery, for familiarity breeds contempt.” A fancy way of saying that people need to leave something to the imagination. So try to keep something alluring hidden about yourself!


4. Sexual Adventures

Don’t knock it till you try it! A cliché phrase but it exists for a reason. Perhaps there’s something you discover that neither one of you has a desire to try. Try it anyway! Deep relationships help encourage self-exploration. If you’ve been in a relationship for a while and you feel like you’ve done it all, then discovering some new sexual predilection within yourself is a great way to stimulate a bond that’s grown stale!