3 Common Lube Myths You Didn’t Know Were Wrong

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If you’re new to the world of lube it’s possible that pop culture and society has taught you a lot of misconceptions and myths about personal lubricants. Well here at Wet Lubricants, we’d like to debunk some of these myths. The following are three commonly believed lies about lube:

Lube Myth #1: All Lube Is Spermicidal

Many people automatically believe that all lubricant is a contraceptive. This leads to many unfortunate accidents. Only one kind of lube, spermicidal lube, is a contraceptive and it will typically contain the chemical nonoxynol-9. If a lubricant does not have this ingredient in it or it does not explicitly state that it is a contraceptive, then it will not prevent pregnancy. Contraceptive lubricants are also not good for anal or oral sex and should only be used during vaginal sex. The World Health Organization found that using spermicidal lubricant regularly can increase the chances of contracting HIV. It can also cause inflammation if you have sensitive skin. If you are having anal sex with your partner, then a silicone based lubricant would be the most propitious type of lube. If you are performing oral sex then the type of lube best for that would probably be a flavored lubricant which you can buy here.


Lube Myth #2: If You’re Using Lube, Then There Is Something Wrong or You Are Not Working Hard Enough

This myth has been perpetuated by the idea that if a woman is not wet, then she is not aroused. This is not true and it has damaged many a couple’s trysts for decades. A woman can very well be aroused and still not get wet. Vaginal dryness is common and you can still have a healthy and happy sex life if you’re suffering from it! If you do have symptoms, then a water based lube is just what you need to enhance your sex life! Some women just don’t have as much natural lubrication and that’s perfectly fine! Many times, a lubricant is just as necessary for vaginal sex as it is for anal sex. This leads to the next myth.


Lube Myth #3: Lube Is Only for Anal Sex

This is a myth that has many different forms such as, “Only gay men use lube” or “the only lube you need for anal comes on latex condoms”. These myths are false and can be damaging to your body and your sex life. Lubricant can be used for anal, vaginal or oral sex. The best lubricants for vaginal sex are either aloe based which are great for people with sensitive skin or water based lubricants. These kinds also go great with sex toys. When it comes to anal, silicone-based lubes are the way to go. Finally, if you want an oral sex enhancement there are delectable dessert flavored lubes as well as warming dessert flavored lubes that can give your partner a delicious flavor! There are also oil based lubricants which we advise against since they break down latex condoms and can also cause yeast infections. It’s best to stick to the previously mentioned lubes!


You can purchase our full selection of lubricants here. From lubricants that are paraben and glycerin free to lube that can give you a warming or cooling sensation, this store will have what you need. You could also go to your local sex shop and ask the staff there to help you get the right lubricant for your personal needs and help you clarify any lube truths or myths you may have heard!